Thursday, November 28, 2019

Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar University Admission 2020 Notification PDF File

Raju is working as a 'sweeper' in a government office. Rajubhai
regretted not being able to graduate due to the circumstances of the house and lack of guidance. They also want to go ahead with the departmental examinations. What to do to graduate was a big question for him. Someone suggested Dr. Ambedkar University. Rajubhai reached the nearest study center. And then "run away" you found the door. .. next year Rajubhai will become a graduate by staying at home and studying,Writing Gujarati. Reading?
The name of the university is Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University. Located near SG Highway, Sola, R.C.Tech Institute of Ahmedabad. This university working in Gujarati language tells Pokari Pokari we will give you the facility of teaching till graduation if you like to read and write Gujarati. Stay in your home and study. Read it when you have the time and do the lessons we give you.

  • Admission to those who want to study

Ambedkar Open University is the only truth to study, if you are interested in studying, if you do not pass the standard 1, then you will be fine. (2) If you do not pass Standard 1, it will be done. (2) It doesn't matter if you have studied only up to seven standards or up to five standards. (2) It does not matter if you are more than 3 years old or 4 years old. (2) Gujarati is perfect for writing and reading skills. (2) Admission will be obtained if you are above 6 years of age.
  • After BPP, B.A. That B.Com

General Chat Chat Lounge Start with BPP:
If you want to study Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Commerce then start at Ambedkar Open University with a course called BPP. BPP is an introductory course for a bachelor's degree. After taking admission in BPP's course is six months. Pass the exam so you can earn a BA. Or get admission in B.Com's first year.
  • General Chat Chat Lounge Help All Universities Provide:

I will get BPP books from the university. The university will do the housekeeping work. Will provide information on what questions to ask in the exam. If there is a rash like solitude, then nothing is difficult. In six months you will be able to pass BPP.
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