Tuesday, November 26, 2019

School Teacher Mahekam New 2019

Mrs N. of The students of Gandhi and Mrs. Bhavandi Mahila College have done the chakjam. This college was a college affiliated with SNDT University. But the post-2012 degree in the recruitment of an Education Assistant, which was invalidated, has students shouting slogans against the government.The students say that despite the cancellation of the college from 2012, the college has accepted admission and now when we go to study and get a job, this university degree is considered invalid. While the college system says, talks with the government are underway in this regard and efforts are being made to come to a decision in favor of the students.
The basic controversy is that it was decided earlier that other state universities in Gujarat should be affiliated to the nearest university. SNDT Women's College was annexed to Bhavnagar University after the year 2017. This question has been posed to the students since 2012, when the future of these students is up and the college system says that they are trying to come to a decision in favor of the students.

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