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English Learning Outcome Sem.2 PDF (Std.3 to 8)

Exam students have been found to face such problems on a large scale. When there are millions of candidates competing for rare seats, there is a lot of work to be done under pressure. Sometimes it does not seem to be a success or if the family has mental stress then they can become victims of problems like 'depression'. We will discuss how to save such time and get out of it and start a 'normal' life. Depression is a condition in which many people go through 2% of their recovery and start a normal life in a nutshell. But some people simply do not get away with this problem and go away like alcohol, addictions, drugs. The main symptom of depression is 'inaction'. Not interested in any work. 
               Disappointment can occur and sit idle. This situation creates a cyclic state. Depression induces inaction and inactivity induces further depression. To overcome this situation, first get out of isolation. Humans alone have many negative thoughts and are more frustrated. So meet the people in your family. 
                  Talk on the phone if you live in a hostel or away. Talk to friends. Get out of the negative thoughts. Another easy and best way to get out of depression is to get sunlight. Studies have shown that sunlight has the potential to relieve depression. Depression is more common in countries where sunlight is less available. You put your hand to your heart and ask a question when was the last sunrise or sunset seen? 
            We are often so engrossed in ourselves that we have never seen a sunrise or sunset at least once a year. The third simple way is to meditate on the activity you love. Watch a movie, listen to music, write a diary, draw a picture and more. Walking is also considered a good option to relieve depression. Studies have shown that walking can automatically relieve depression and remove negative thoughts. Take care to cure depression. Most people who suffer from depression do not have enough sleep. People who suffer from insomnia suffer from depression, if they do not get enough sleep in time. Depression can be avoided if regular sleep for up to 2 hours is taken. Junkfood should be avoided in foods. In times of depression, eating more sugar - eating sugary treats can give you sugar, and feel good; eat coke, cadbury or chocolate. Those who are dieting should eat fish in the diet. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that protect against depression. It fills a lot better. Depression also contributes to vitamin B1 deficiency. 
                      Therefore, you should eat B2 foods. Develop a positive approach to leaving negative thoughts. When you have a lot of negative thoughts from the inside, remember the good things you did in place. You will feel better. Don't think you won't pass me by. There is so much preparation left, I don't think I can ever do this. Start with a small preparation in place of it. Doing the little things will be a pleasure and a satisfaction to accomplish. Do not think that it will not happen even in 2 months if you finish the topic that looks tasty. Think about what might happen today. For example, the first thing to do today is buy a book on the subject! Doing so will feel a lot better. Get out of sleep and recover from depression! In addition, yoga, meditation can be used. But addictions, alcohol or drug addiction will never go away. But even after all this, depression can not be relieved if the medication should be taken immediately after consulting a doctor. Take care not to take medicine on your own. It is imperative to consult a doctor. Although most of us out there do not like to consult a psychiatrist. This approach needs to change. In the United States, 8% of the entire country's population uses anti-depressant drugs. Depression is the norm. Everyone has to face it sometimes in life. But if such time is not saved properly, addicts suffer. Attempts suicide. Managing depression before the water arrives to remedy this situation.
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