Saturday, December 7, 2019

Gujarati Learning outcome std.3 to 8 PDF File download

The last day before the exam is very important when students are
preparing for any exam for a long time. If proper attention is not given to this day, on the day of Dashera, the horse does not run! And all the hard work goes back to the water. So ideally let's discuss what to do on the next day of the exam which will increase the mark and outperform the other candidates in the competition. The most important point is to complete 3 to 5 hours of sleep the next day of the exam. Most students feel very tense on the last day of the exam. And are awake all night to repeat. But this practice is often wrong. Whatever you try to prepare for the exam all year long, getting enough sleep on the next day of exams keeps the brain fresh. Having a good memory of what you have read in a long study increases the mark in the exam. For the students who are celebrating the last day, the water reverts to hard work that many details do not remember properly. 
                           If the revision is planned in the last 3 days, the last day does not matter. Arrive at the exam center one hour early and avoid reading in the last half hour of the exam. Relax the mind. Listen to music. Remember God Do not engage in discussions with unfamiliar rivals. Psychology has proven that no human mind can focus more than one minute on a subject. While the exam has to focus consistently for hours on a single subject. Thus, if relaxed first, the memory reads at the time of examination. Recall increases. In competitive exams, many people meet at the examination center and see each other as a staunch opponent. There are often false rumors circulating with them. And try to break each other's confidence. Which in turn causes us harm. Swallow mouth before the exam. Eat chocolate or sweets. 
                This advice may seem ridiculous to many. But there is a scientific reason behind it. Eating chocolate or sweets increases the level of blood sugar. Scientific studies have shown that the brain consumes up to 5% of its calories in the body. This gives the brain a feeling of refreshing and refreshing energy. And increases the recurrence. Chocolate also relieves stress. Thus, this method, which is small, has a great advantage in examinations. See all these discussions about the exam but stay away from one of the most important ideas.

                               No exam in life is the final exam. No need to panic even if it does fail. Kink can be good later in life. Always be optimistic. Don't judge yourself by the results of an exam! Accept your specialties and limitations. Many people avoid suicide or other finalist steps by avoiding one test well and then refrain from it. This requires changing the structure of societies and educational institutions. If a student loses his or her life, it is considered as one of the biggest limitations of the educational system and if one student refrains from reading this article, it will be the greatest achievement of his academic career.
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