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Gujarati Vyakaran 550 Most imp Question by World inbox

In today's countries of the world of human membership, there are 3 languages ​​spoken by
people .The practice of ancient languages ​​is believed to be about 5 years BC .These languages ​​are known as the languages ​​of the Aryakula. It is supported by languages ​​like Hittite, Semitic, Aryan-Indo-European, Dravidian, Astrid, etc. etc. Dojarmenika, was called Indo-Aryan and virojhna.There are two main sections of the ancient Aryan language. 

One is the 'Shamat Youth', that is, the section of Asia, and the other is the 'Cantum Youth', the division of Europe. The seventh Youth language includes the language of pure Aryan-Indo-Iranian, Slavic, Baltic, Armenian, etc. There are Greek, Latin, German, Celtic and Tocharian languages ​​in the Kantum Youth .In the Pure Aryan or Iranian section, the Iranian-Gatha, Avestic, Dardaric, Pashtun, and Bharti Vedic-originated, Bharti has three roles - Sanskrit, Prakriti and Indifference

ગુજરાતી વ્યાકરણ Imp વર્લ્ડઈનબોક્સ 

The culture is three .The Vedic Sanskrit, the Pious, the Pious and the Shiite Sanskrit of the Paninians, the Pali, the Half Magadhi, the Ashoka inscription of the Ashoka, the Maharashtra, the Shouraseni, the Magadhi, the Pashachi, the Chulaka, the aboriginal Indians, and the Indo-Indian languages. Languages ​​like Bengali, Marathi, etc., are devoid of indigenous languages. The Gujarati language of Gujarat is associated with the languages ​​of Aryakul. In Aryavrita-India, the language and the language of speech, such as the Gujarati language, may have occurred in hardly any language in the languages ​​of the world. Gujjar + Nation means 'Gujjar Nation', 'Gujjar Nation' originates from the nation of Gujjars. This name is mentioned by the Arab travelers in history, al-Majudi in Abujaid AD 9, in Al-Baruni in that year .Then there will be a population of Gujar people in Gujarat. And North Gujarat is supported by the name of 'Anarkat'.

The poet Premananda is proud to have used the first words of Gujarati words in Gujarati literature .Bhalan has used the language of indulgence, or Gurjar, which is called Markandarai Gurjari disobedience .The age of Preemananda is celebrated in AD 5-7. ૫૦૦ Indiscriminate Gira and Akha absorbed literature from the words of the Prakrit language. The Gujarati language of Gujarat has been named since around 7 BC. Some historians of the dish have the belief of literary scholars. Narsih Rao Diwatia is considered as the beginning of Gujarati language. Our Gujarati language was spoken but not known as Gujarati .Gurger started indirectly from 5th to 5th. The development can be seen in three forms, the first being Gurjar degenerate or ancient Gujarati or the middle Gujarati and the third archaic Gujarati. Pay know about the role of these three languages,
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