Monday, December 2, 2019

TAT Bharti ma Bharayel Form list

Students with special needs in the standard ten and twelve exams will be able to use laptops or computers in the examination from this year, said a Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) official. However, in order to avail these facilities, Divyans will have to submit a certificate from a competent psychological consultant or a doctorate who will write down the computer or laptop for any reason.The CBSE examination committee made this decision at their recent meeting.'These tools can only be used for typing answers, writing question papers and listening to questions. The concerned examiner will be able to bring a computer or laptop with him and after the computer teacher has verified it, the candidate in charge of the center will be given the candidate to use it, ”a circular said.
'A computer or a laptop should not have an Internet connection. The applicant will have to send the request letter along with the required documents to the Examination Incharge through the school only then it can be arranged, 'it was added. After writing the answers, the supervisor will sign the answer sheet which will be forwarded to the Center in-charge and take action.
Besides, the board also asked the reader to arrange for the blind or non-readable examiner. 'In Divyang case, 5 percent of his attendance will also be valid for examination. If they could not attend the school for any particular reason, they would have to give a reason, 'it was said.
In the middle of the digital india government, computers have been provided in schools but there are no teachers to teach computer students. To give computer knowledge to the children of the countryside, the computers provided by the schools of Dantiwada diocese in grades 1 to 2 are eating dust.

Dhaniwada taluka Pvt. Computers were provided in schools. But for the last several years, there has been no computer teacher in any school in the taluka. Millions of computers were provided, but many teachers' staff have taken home computers. This is being learned from sources in the education department. Similarly, LEDs and printers were also provided in the primary schools of the taluka. Most of these schools have printers and LED off. And there has been a demand for an appointment of a computer teacher in every school.

Neither are employees hired on contract
In each elementary school, the contract was given to a private company in addition to providing a computer for the students to get the knowledge of the computer. So that employees on contract were giving computer knowledge to the children. But students who have not been contracted to a company for the last several years have been deprived of computer knowledge.
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