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General Chat Chat Lounge An embarrassing question for today's
youth: Government jobs or private jobs? Today is an era of competition. There is a turnaround contest in each area. Under these circumstances, youths are very confused as to what field to join and what the future will be like. The lack of proper guidance is misleading. And in the end they lose the precious opportunity of life. At that time, young people were being provided enough information about school-college as well as career-building opportunities. India is a country of youth, with a very large youth population, if this does not work, there will be huge unemployment in the country. If the education sector does not do this successfully, India could be the most unemployed country in the world. As far as Gujarat is concerned, it is believed that Gujarat is a commercial state. 

Education and jobs are not very important here. But this assumption is flawed. Here too education and subsequent jobs are very important for the career of the youth. Often there are very limited career options such as Doctor, Engineer, CA. Thinking about it, but in the coming days, the proportion of young people in government jobs is increasing. If a comparison is made between a private job and a government job, the first comparison is to pay. As per the Seventh Pay Commission, the pay scales in government jobs are excellent. As well as the holidays and various long-term benefits, many satisfying careers can be devised. However, in the private sector, there are many good opportunities.
               The abundance of opportunities grows. Other important aspects of salary can be considered as 'business satisfaction' or 'job satisfaction'. It can even be found in private jobs! But in the long run, the private sector gets bored with one act. The pursuit of money creates a stressful lifestyle. When performance changes in government jobs. The diversity of operations is abundant. It cannot be compared to the private sector. Today, as a government official, working with the health department, tomorrow, education will have the opportunity to work in the industry or revenue sector after several years. 
                This brings new learning opportunities and creativity. Many people come to the government office for various tasks. When people are crying and going back to laughing, the satisfaction of socializing with a job cannot be compared to any other way. This kind of operation also gives a kind of reputation in society. However, there is always a need to be prepared for the possibility of a job change. As we move on to the above post - the chances of change increase. But in every field, there must be some diversity! On the other hand, there are long-term incentives to get a government job. Not as readily available as a private job. Against the 'job security' found in government jobs. It cannot be compared in private. Government jobs and competitive exams should be viewed from a rather short perspective. It is easy to stand on the road and criticize 'what the government does not do'. But if good men do not go into this system, it is very difficult to bring about change in the country. The country's bureaucracy is the mainstay of the country. Unless there are good officials, the development of the state or the country will be hampered by lack of proper direction. It is regrettable here that Gujarat, which is ranked first in the other field, has made UP a competitive field. And far behind Bihar
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