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Take a look at the exam procedure of the gpsc Gujarat Gujarat Civil
Service Exam 2019 This year recruitment has been made for the posts of Deputy Collector, Deputy District Development Officer, Deputy Police Superintendent ,District Registrar, Assistant Commissioner Tribal Development, Mamlatdar, Taluka Development Officer, Section Officer in the Secretariat etc. There are approximately 8 places in Class 1 and one in Class 1. A total of three phase recruitment has been planned. The first phase of the first exam is likely to be held on 7 October. The main exam will be held from 1st February to 1st March. And the personality test will be held on July 1st. Class I and II exams are considered the highest recruitment exam of the Government of Gujarat. The qualification of the candidates who want to participate in this exam is the age of 5 years and graduate level studies. Category age range General Category Male Candidate 3 years General Category Female Candidate 2 years Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Castes Male Candidates Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Castes Female Candidates The selection process for this position is of three stages. 

The first phase is known as the preliminary examination. In this phase two question papers are organized in a single day. These question papers are known as General Study Question Paper 2 and General Study Question Paper 2. Both the question papers are of 3 marks and 3 hours. Thus, the first phase has a total of 5 marks. This phase is only qualifying. The candidate only has to pass it. His score is not counted in the final merit. Its importance is as an elimination round. This disqualifies many candidates who do not have sufficient capacity. On the basis of the result of the preliminary examination, about 3 times the total number of candidates appearing in the advertisement is called for 'Main Exam' in the second phase. 
                   It has 3 question papers in total. The outline of this exam is as follows. All the question papers in this exam are of descriptive type. In which the candidate has to answer within the specified word limit. On the basis of the result of the main examination, about three times the total candidates appearing in the advertisement are called for 'personality test' in the final phase. The third stage is the interview. 
                       Candidates are interviewed by a board of 5 to 6 members made up of highly experienced officers. Which lasts approximately 3-5 minutes. In which the candidate's personality qualifies for a government official, it is checked. The interview has 3 marks. The merit is prepared from a total of 5 marks, including 3 marks of the main exam and 3 marks of the interview. In which the best-performing candidates are selected as government officials. Given the limited time currently, many candidates are hesitant to prepare for the UPSC or the GPSC? But looking at the present time, it seems that the Gujarat government is undertaking a very large recruitment process. Central Government Recruitments like Bank, SSC Railway, Post, UPSC Etc. 
                     have about the same number of seats each year. At present, the seats in the state government are very high. Also, the competitive element in Gujarat in the field of competitive exams is limited. There is a neck-and-neck contest in other states. In these circumstances, if you look at the recruitment of the Government of Gujarat, there will be rapid success. So, resolve to join the Gujarat bureaucracy this year for Gujarat Day and participate in the development of Vibrant Gujarat.
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