Monday, January 13, 2020

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The government and the guardians are upset over the fact that schools in Gujarat and other states have increased fees for some days now. In some places small movements have also taken place. All these things have been noted in various media as well. In which the message newspaper is playing a very important role which deserves congratulations. In pursuit of this matter, I was going to be interviewed on a TV channel. 

During this interview, the TV anchors captured Guardians Response Live. In which a parent is asked a question, you can ask your child about CBSE. Why put it to study in school itself. So sad to say that not a single parent's answer was logical. The answer was, because of the English medium, etc., for sending them to study in the exam. Upon hearing such an irrational answer, it was felt that the * Guardians CBSE. Putting your child in such a school without knowing about the school at all. * So dedicate this article to such parents.

CBSE The CBSE's full name was asked to the two parents of the student studying in the school. Neither guardian's answer was correct! Where the guardian who does not know the full name of the board will know the purpose and functions of that board! * CBSE is the full name of the Central Board of Secondary Education. * There is only talk of secondary, not primary school. Recently, complaints have been heard in Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot that our children are studying in primary in Falani school. Our administrators said, "We have CBSE accreditation so that we enroll our children in that school." Then it turned out that this school did not have the CBSE accreditation of the primary. Such guardian should note, then, that * CBSE. Elementary school does not approve. Its scope is not only high school and high secondary. CBSE No one can approve the primary section of the school. It doesn't even have the authority. * If you don't even know then where do the administrators want CBSE recognition of the primary department, where will they show it?
Yes, the administrator has told you a lie if you say so, but you should know what the administrator says anyway. Again, note that * CBSE. Only std. Only valid from 3 to 4. * The guardian who goes out to buy a mobile consults ten friends and returns to the shop after fifty questions and buys the mobile and the parent puts his child in whatever school and then turns the other off. You have taken the initiative to deceive, so that the deceiver must be found.

I do not understand, what is the benefit of CBSE school than Gujarat board schools? Yes… CBSE syllabus takes priority in examinations held for admission to the national level. Such as medical or IITs Etc., but how much are its seats? Medical seats in Gujarat are now around 5, which is expected to be up to six thousand. Talking of IIT, only about fifty-one hundred students from Gujarat will get admission. So why isn't it crazy to enroll your child in a CBSE school? Are Gujarat Board students not going to medical or IITs and suppose CBSE school students benefit from it? * Whoever is smart will be on any board, the student is going to get admission wherever he wants and whatever is weak will be on whatever board. He is not allowed to enter the merit. * Does the guardian think such things? And yes, there was talk of JEE exams and engineering. So the number of colleges is so large that these colleges do not get enough students. So anyone who wants to get into engineering, will have to get admission in college immediately. It does not matter what board you are studying for.
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