Thursday, January 9, 2020

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Often we refer to the computer's cabinet as a CPU. But not the cpu
but which contains the most important pieces of computer hardware such as motherboard, hard disk, RAM etc. The motherboard of the computer consists of a CPU which is called "Central Processing Unit". So let's know about every detail about the CPU. The processor is the main part of your PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Even if you count it as a computer brain. Generally, we refer to the computer's cabinet as the entire CPU. But actually the CPU is a small computer chip that is fitted to the main circuit board, the "motherboard". Then other parts of the computer like hard disk, RAM, graphics card, keyboard are connected to it.

The transistors are located inside the CPU. We have often heard that computers understand only the binary language of 1 and 2, this is a transistor, it understands the language and it works accordingly. Such transistors are not in the hundreds but in billions. Intel's processor I7 usually has up to 1.5 billion transistors and can vary in each processor. The size of this chip is only a few millimeters, even though it has many transistors. This is the marvel of today's high-tech technology that can fit billions of transistors in such a small size. It has a rule that is commonly called the "Moore's Law". He was told that every two years the number of transistors will double and its size will get smaller.

When it comes to mobile processors, they are slightly different than computer processors. The processor of mobile is also commonly called "SOC" which is "system on chip". Since the chip cannot be used for all the different functions in the mobile, it has to be made to work all its functions in a single chip for each function. Within this processor the CPU, GPU, MODEM, RAM, ROM, WIFI, blutooth etc. work from a single chip.
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