Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Man has a permanent relationship with man

It doesn't matter what the house is like. What is important is how home is. There were two friends. A friend was from the middle class. Another incredibly rich. Once both were talking. "I don't mind going home," said a middle-class friend. This is what happens to me, ”said a rich friend. The rich friend asked, but why don't you want to go home? The friend said that all the people in my house are very strange. Homelessness is the only cause of unending rain. There is a two-room house. 

                             The other room may sound like a headlock. We live in a room with two brothers. My brother is also strange-minded. No one understands anything! The middle class friend then questioned the rich friend. Why don't you mind going home Your house is magnificent. A rich friend said, yes my house is magnificent. Have a fun bungalow. There are dozens of rooms. There is a beautiful garden. Jahojalali has no shortage! Never mind going home though! Go home and I will be alone. All are buried in their own rooms. When he comes home he enters directly into his room. No one talks to anyone except work. 

                          Men keep the house very clean. Never see a spider's net anywhere. You know, some are not visible at all! Sanatana's trap sits on the throat of Killol. The creek is also dangerous. Don't do it! If anything is done then the turn is gone! No sound The garden is beautiful, but maybe the flowers in this garden may even regret where it grew here? No one here has the time to look in front of me! Sometimes in the city gardens, parents get jealous when I see them having fun with boys. My garden is bigger than that garden, but there are never any such views. No one is sitting. Imported garden beds may also seem incomplete.

By the way, how are the people in your household? How do you deal with it? Often we have a complaint from our own people. My brother is fantastic. My sister does not have intelligence. Who knows what my father thinks of himself? Some mothers are also experts at filling heads. A young man was talking to his girlfriend about his family. All in all, he could see something wrong.  I don't understand. Nobody has the skills. Still everything goes with country style. Sweetheart listened to everything calmly. Finally he asked a question. How are you in your house You are not like all, are you?
 If all is like, what right do you have to complain about? Remember one thing, whatever our people are, but they are ours. Parents, siblings, or other relatives do not choose us! They have to be adopted like that. Do not try to improve others. Don't expect that. There is a job to be done. You changed a bit! You begin to love your people. If you love, that will change. No matter whether they change or not, it is important for you to make a change.

Too often we don't look at us and look up at everyone. When it comes to home, one thing for everyone to remember is that the house itself is part of it. You are responsible for whatever is in the house, like the house itself. If the whole house is dark, do not cry out the darkness, light your one lamp, the light will shine throughout the house. Keeping the house alive will feel like living a life. Don't question, be the answer!
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