Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Relationship questions have grown with technology.

Does your wife, your husband or your lover have your phone password? If not, why not give you a password? If you ever have a password, have you ever thought that your person will sometimes check your phone in a way that you do not know? 

Have you ever deleted a chat or a photo for fear of your person? Every time you delete something, the reason is not just to hide anything, but most of the time, people delete the chat to avoid headaches. If he sees it, he will ask a hundred questions, do not bamboo, rather than flute, the message is deleted.

Relationship questions have grown with technology. Who's Friend? Who likes the post? What comments? At the same time it begs the question, why do you like or comment? My person is not close to anyone else? Everyone has a hidden fear. Just surveyed online by an app company. It turned out that one of the four couples was in danger of being cheated on by his partner or even cheating. 

If your person has been watching the phone for some time, then the question is, what would he do or do? Chat with someone not working? Even if the person calls and comes to his mobile phone, the question is, who will be talking to? Many people even ask that your phone was constantly buzzing with, who was talking to? Not only do you know who was talking to, you also want to know what was going on. If the lover or girlfriend is with one of two phones ringing on the screen, whose name is shining on the screen.

The suspicion is so high that man does not have to chain. One person admitted that he checked his wife's phone in private. When does the phone check? In response to such a question, he said, I will check his wife when she goes to the bath! Sometimes I even check by pretending to order food or make a reservation. 

In a survey of phone checks in private, 52 per cent of Mumbai and 56 per cent of Delhiites admitted that they check their wife or their husband's phone in an unknown way. Surprisingly, people who do love marriage more often check their partner's phone than they do Orange Marriages! 62% of people who do love marriages and 52% of people who do orange marriages do their own person's phone checks. The survey also revealed that more women than men check their husbands' phones.
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