Thursday, January 16, 2020

The findings of most surveys were that men build other relationships for emotional support.

What's interesting about this survey? In the survey findings, it is reported that one of the four couples has a tension that his partner will be cheating on. In fact, this survey needs to be looked at a bit differently. That way, three out of four couples have no fear that their partner will do anything wrong with them. Isn't this big? Not everything is finished yet. There may be a few youngsters who are cheeky, but most people have feelings for their own person. They are committed to their own person. The funny thing is, people check their person's phone just because my person is mine. All that needs to be done is to love your person wholeheartedly. Trust me. Do not look at everything in doubt.

Now another thing. Suppose you know that your person is chatting with someone or they have feelings for someone, so how do you respond? This question was also asked in this survey. Half the person said, I forgive my person. 20 percent said that I forget about it. However, 30% also said that I would fight with my person on this issue. The forgiveness percentage is probably higher, that every man has to save his own relationship eventually. It is difficult to separate from one person to the other.

Sometimes we even get to ask, why is man finally making a jump? There have been several surveys about it. The findings of most surveys were that men build other relationships for emotional support. All it needs is someone to listen to me. Understand my point Love me Understand my feelings If a man is getting emotional support from his own person, he is not attracted to another person. When it comes to the competitor, you understand your person, accept what it is like or what it is like, then that person is always yours.

Bahut din se koi maanjar banana chahte hain
Ki jo kuchh kuchh kar kahin kahin hai
Hum anjaam bhi maalum hai lekin na jaane ki,
Charagon ko hawaon se bacha chahta hain hum.
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