Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Gpsc Dyso Deputy Mamlatdar Announces Final Answer Key to Exam

After the board exam, all students and parents feel confused as to which way to go next? This time is a critical time of career that if the right decision is not taken, your whole life has to be regretted. Most people are aware of limited options like CA, MBA, Engineering etc. due to lack of information.But there are many children's dreams of joining the police, becoming an officer in the army, passing a collector's exam, etc. But in the day-to-day running, it gets forgotten. 

There is a lack of knowledge of how to achieve this dream. No mentor is found, all these limitations make career wait and forget to be involved in the flock very well!During the vacation, visit the collector's office, taluka's mammaldar office, police inspector or any military camp if there is a military camp nearby and how can they reach this post? Ask how the function and authority are. Every parent should give this child a chance.

There is usually a belief in the minds of the people that the officers do not take such time, but if you are really interested and listen to them, most officers are encouraged. And serving their own experiences.
After completion of graduation of standard 3, as well as preparation of GPSC for three years, the Deputy Collector, DYSP, Mamlatdar, Section Officer may be made shortly after receiving the degree. Now these exams are regularly taken. In addition to this, a lot of knowledge is available. Children's attitudes change as reading and contemplation increases. Personality wakes up at sixteen. Depending on this preparation, the student can pursue a career in several fields.

Many people are saying that these exams have millions of people competing and only a few meetings. What if not success? But the reality is not so. At present, large scale recruitment has been undertaken in the Government of Gujarat. The GPSC exam is the highest exam in the state. Even if it does not succeed, the Municipal Chief Officer, Deputy Mamlatdar and Deputy Section Officer also take the GPSC examination which can be given by a candidate in any discipline. You can become a Singham by passing PSI examination through the Police Recruitment Board.

There are also a number of options for student friends who want to get a job immediately after standard 3. Talati, Junior Clerk, Health Worker, etc. are recruited by the Gujarat Panchayat Selection Board. The constables (Public Protector) are being released by the Police Recruitment Board. Recruitment of non-secretarial clerk as office assistant in the secretariat at Gandhinagar or in various offices of the state government is done by the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board.

In fact, it is the duty of every teacher to inform his students and parents about this and to show proper direction and make a career. After joining the salaries, the salaries have increased drastically after the pay commission.

Plus there is a chance to do something at a glance. Anyone who wishes to leave something for the society, must be zealous in this field. The satisfaction of many ordinary people comes with their questions and weeps and you send them back with a smile and smiles. It's easy to say things that need to be changed in the system, but upgrading to be a part of them is a real challenge.
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