Sunday, February 2, 2020

World Inbox - Let's learn English For Exam Preparation

A recent research has found that language occupies space in a person's brain. Compared to different languages, this space holds the most English language. According to the researchers, up to 1.5 MB of brain space simply occupies the English language. The researchers tried to highlight how much data the English language needs to store in the brain.

According to inventors, our brain stores words and how to speak them. It is also the brain's job to associate one word with another. The quest was done to find out how much space all this information needs in the brain. Experts worked on mathematical information theory to make this discovery.

During the research, people were asked to say 50 words that are similar in pronunciation. Thus it took them about 15 bits to store a word. The dictionary of the brain of the man was then examined. In it, one person experimented with about 40,000 words, arguing that 4 million bits of data was needed. For example, if the word turkey is spoken, you will respond to whatever information you have in your mind.

The survey thus found that the English language occupies more space in the brain as compared to the different languages. According to the inventors, the person learns the language that he or she can hear around. As a child learns the language they hear regularly. However, it is not yet clear how the child does so. But one thing has become clear that it is not easy to store words and terminology in a dictionary.. Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) has organized a National Conference on the topic of 'Social Work, Law and Human Rights'. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court Vikram Nath. Talking about this, the former United Nations Reporter Dr. Kishore Singh said that poverty is a major challenge globally for the protection of human rights. Economic and social rights are abolished due to poverty. Everyone has got rights such as adequate water, adequate food, housing, right to education and political participation.

But what is the value of such rights for those living below the poverty line? Due to poverty they are deprived of their rights and all these things are a dream to them. Today, more than a third of the world's population lives in abject poverty, so the first and foremost task for promoting and promoting human rights is poverty.
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