Friday, April 10, 2020

Camera in police jeep to catch the violator

At the moment the lockdown is underway across the country, the police are taking action against the Corona public breaker and are constantly running rampant that the police have used technology to make the operation more intensive and have installed cameras in the police vehicles so that the violators will be imprisoned. Such elements can also be easily identified.

Police teams in Morbi district are constantly patrolling the streets against people gathering in the streets, though people from police vehicles are fleeing from afar so that they do not fall into the grip of the law so demand for time when people in different society areas through police drone cameras. Keeps watch over.

People live in the house and then when the drone camera is returning. People are gathering in the street again and again after they have returned to the police check-in.

So that the police vehicles have been equipped with cameras. So that when a police vehicle goes inside any area, people who look at the vehicle will be imprisoned in the camera so that they can be easily identified and detained for breach of publicity.

Three Morbi businessmen, Yogi Patel Ravi Kordia and Mehulbhai, proposed to set up cameras in the police vehicles for the purpose of taking action against the people who are watching the police vehicles. Have been fitted.

The three young men were recruited by PI RJ Chaudhary of Morbi to assist the police in using the technology so that people can now be identified and prosecuted in the mob and police.
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