Friday, April 10, 2020

Over 1.40 lakh beneficiaries of 'Annabraham Yojana' in Ahmedabad

Free food distribution has been distributed to more than 1.5 lakh people under the Annabhram scheme in Ahmedabad city-district. In Ahmedabad city, 1,3,3 beneficiaries came to the survey. While in the district, 5,3 beneficiaries have been approved under this scheme. In the case of lockdown, these families have to distribute three and a half kilograms of wheat, one and half kilograms of rice per family and 5 kg of pulses, salt and sugar free of cost to each family in order to avoid having to eat food for two time. Of which, 5 percent of the distribution work has been completed, officials say.

The families who do not have ration cards in the 3 days long lockdown due to the corona virus do not get in trouble, especially the relocating laborers, GIDC workers, stray, wandering people, raw shelters or slum dwellers and those who are free on the sidewalks under the scheme. Grain pest is being distributed.

One of the most endangered people in the society who is earning daily and filling the family's stomach. The survey was conducted by the local administration to ensure that these families, who had to stay in one place, could get two meals, as they could not get labor but could not move.

After the survey, the distribution of cereal kits has been distributed to these people. Under the scheme, food grains have been distributed to 6,4 families of the highest number of households in the Daskroi taluka in the district.

According to officials, the government has now taken a humanitarian decision to distribute free grain to APL-3 cardholders. The beneficiaries, whose dates are announced later, will be called and will be given grain. At present, it is necessary to maintain social distance so that inquiries have been made by the appellant system for the ration shops not to eat and crowded.

Currently all the rationing shops are in the process of delivering the required supplies. After the completion of this operation, the free cereal will be distributed to the APL-3 cardholders on the date the government declares. There are 1.2 lakh APL-5 card holders in the city. Of which 3 lakh population will be benefited. In the district, there are 2.5 lakh APL-1 card holders, whose population is about 1.5 lakh. They will get 1 kg of wheat per card, 3 kg of rice, 2 kg of pulses and sugar.
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