Friday, April 10, 2020

Corona cases in the world 15.5 million, more than 90 thousand deaths: Europe most affected

Corona cases have reached around 1.5 million worldwide. While the death toll has risen to 7 thousand. Simultaneously, 1.5 lakh patients have recovered. According to the latest global statistics, 1 percent of coronary patients die, and 8 percent recover. This is a very serious problem facing the world, which months ago no one had even imagined.

The lockdown has been opened in Wuhan, China, where the virus began to spread. Indians living here advised that strict lockdown and social distancing would be an effective means of preventing Corona. The Wuhan of China can be said to have won against Corona. The government has removed all sanctions here. Although there are some new cases coming out, the Chinese government is cautious against it. So that even the cases that are hiding so far can be exposed and the corona can be eradicated.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council will meet for the first time after Corona. Of course, this meeting will be hosted by video conferencing. European Union countries also met today to discuss ways to deal with Corona and the post-Corona situation. Spain-Italy has had the most impact on Corona in Europe. In Italy, hundreds of doctors have died from coronas. In Italy, the number of cases has risen to more than 2.5 million, while the death toll has risen to over 1,000 There have been more than four thousand new cases reported in Italy.

There are five countries where the case of Corona has crossed one lakh and four of them are in Europe. The countries of Europe, Italy, Spain, Germany and France have more than one million patients. Europe's total patient population is more than seven and a half million. However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's condition is improving, British doctors have reported.

There have been 4,000 cases of Corona in Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's concerns have increased. So far the death toll has reached 7 in Pakistan, but the government here is scared. Therefore, Imran Khan had said that if the situation becomes severe then we will not have space in hospitals. Doctor Fosi, of the National Corona Task Force in the United States, feared that we might never consider joining hands again. Because Corona has created fear in people's minds.

Corona's ten drugs are getting ready: Trump

US President Trump has said that Corona's ten drugs are being prepared. The drug is ready and has reached a clinical trial meaning its effects on the human body are being investigated. Trump has said that America's doctors and the pharma industry are constantly on the verge of becoming drug-free. In addition, other drugs are being investigated for coronary treatment.
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