Friday, April 10, 2020

Railways prepared the isolation ward in 20 coaches and handed over the system

As the situation is getting more serious with Corona, the railway system is also coming to the aid of the system. The Rajkot Railway system finds that the coaches for suspected coronary patients have been fully prepared in the isolation ward and handed over to the local administration for its use.

According to railway sources, the Rajkot Railway Division had prepared the mechanical division in Rajkot, Hapa and Okha yards after a 20-year-old non-AC coach decided to prepare the Isolation Ward. Isolation wards have been fully prepared within ten days.

The middle berth has been erected and a cabin has been prepared for a cabin. It can accommodate up to eight coronary patients, plus a cabin designed for health staff. A total of 3 patients can be kept in one coach, with 5 coaches. This particular coach has been named Covid ૧૯ Quarantine - Isolation.

The coaches are currently kept in the railway yard. Coaches for coronary patients have been prepared and handed over to the administrative system, which will be used in accordance with the guidance of the Health Department.
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