Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Important news of big relief for parents regarding private school fees

Not every dream of life comes true. Some dreams come true. When
a dream is shattered, there are a few explosions that shake us. There comes a time in every man's life when a few questions arise. There are no answers to this question. That is the question we have to face. One theory of persuasion is self-counseling. Life is, everything is going to be our little assumption? We often have high expectations of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with expecting, we should have the strength not to fall if the expectation is not fulfilled.

A week has passed since the suicide of film actor Sushant Singh Rajput. There was a lot of talk about the causes of suicide. A lot of people also talked differently on social media. Sushant Singh was depressed. Whatever the cause of depression, suicide is not the only cure. In the case of suicide, the question arises, who is ultimately responsible for suicide? The person himself? Relatives who do not understand the person who committed suicide? Failure? The question also arises as to whether one is responsible for one thing or another. Even after all the reasons have been put together, everything seems to be in vain. If everything could be understood, no one would be allowed to commit suicide! Sushant Singh was a Rajput wellnon actor so there was so much discussion. Hundreds of people commit suicide every day. More than 300 people have lost their lives due to the Corona and the lockdown. About 30 students die every day.

If we look around us, we see sadness on many faces. Even a strong-minded man suddenly seems to fade. Everybody says, if something goes awry, tell me? Have a few friends who can relax. Fact. Not everyone can do that though. If he doesn't speak, can we call him? How many of us are present even after saying I am always there for you? What do we do even after someone talks? Mostly we start giving exhortations. We don't understand that it doesn't need discipline, it needs affection. What is needed is a realization, not words, that I am with you.

This is a very true case. After a quarrel between the husband and wife, wife Pierre came. Sometimes there was talk of reconciliation and sometimes there was talk of divorce. It so happened that the young woman fell into depression. Much of the blame for what happened was on the young woman. The girl's father took care of her. The father knew that it was his daughter's fault but it was not the time to blame her. If I was to blame, my daughter might feel that I had none. Forcing a man to think of not feeling like I have none. He said to his daughter, "Don't worry, we are all with you." One of the problems we have there is that our own people don't even know that a family member is depressed. On the contrary, it is said, is this lost? Depression There is no such thing as depression. Don't think like crazy. Far from being taken to a psychiatrist, he even tells me not to. Even if a person is about to recover, he is in deep frustration. The true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints is to change one's tone.

We are not taught to tackle failure there. The same thing is said at home or in school-college, show something. Horror for success. If you are careless, you will be left behind. We put youngsters in a race that has no end. He gasps, gets tired, yet we don't tell him to relax, do as much as he can. How many parents or relatives teach their children how to tackle failure? Even if he has failed a hundred times, he will tell his children that success is everything. We need to change some definitions. In learning everything else we have begun to forget to live life. There is a strange atmosphere of sadness in Corona's time now. Many people have lost their jobs, many have lost their salaries, many are in tension due to business-employment. How much do you think people close to you are going through? When a man is depressed he cannot come out easily in his own way. Keep thoughts strong so that frustration does not overwhelm you. If the mind is confused, relax by putting your heart in front of a friend or a close person. Take care not to weaken your own people. There is nothing you can do but regret what you did, so keep doing what you feel like doing. Affection, comfort, closeness and empathy have tremendous strength, it does not allow anyone to weaken, maybe even if someone is weak, it makes him sit back!
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