Thursday, November 5, 2020

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This world is full of different people. If there is one thing that is 'most unpredictable' in this world,

it is man. It has been said about man that man is a social animal. However, not all are social, some are even antisocial. Some people are weird. There are different categories of people in this world, such as maniac, naughty, generous, naive, playful, rogue, rascal, selfish, good, bad, mischievous, believer, atheist, own, parka, non-existent, ghanchakkar. For man, only two types of man are important. Like and dislike! It has been said about relationships, to be in a relationship with whomever you like and to stay away from whomever you don't like. Of course, 

this is not always the case. Sometimes people fall on our page who we can't keep close to or can't move away from. Like it or not, whether we like it or not, we have to deal with it. It feels like tearing apart, but not everyone can tear apart! It happens to us that, in my destiny, either this got lost or got lost!

Although some people are not directly involved in our lives, they are all around us. Our neighbors, the people we work with, the people we meet often on the go are not part of our lives, but we are affected by the good or the bad. Even if we don't want to, we have to look at his face, we have to talk to him. There are also some relatives or in-laws who cause us a strange kind of irritation! How many people in your life do you want to get rid of? There will be a few faces like that! However, none of this works for us. It is a different matter if it is removed naturally when the time comes, otherwise we cannot remove it when we want.

There is a reaction to any action. We respond when someone treats us badly. Whether the response is positive, negative, balanced or calculated. We behave tactfully, thinking that there is no point in prolonging this. If it happens in my mind that if I can, I can say this with my mouth, but we don't do that and often we can't do it even if we have to. Man's measurement is based on how he behaves at such times. Our rank is determined by behavior. Maturity is the ability to understand how we behave in certain circumstances. Not all brains can control it. It takes determination to control the mind. The mind and the brain that are out of control are wandering or hanging. A lot of people tend to behave better in the worst of situations. If you want to identify a man, you should check his bad time behavior, not his good time behavior.

Ths is the story of a girl. Completed college. She was selected for the job in a campus interview. She did her job with complete devotion and honesty. Its boss was of strange mind. Whether there was a reason or not, he kept looking for an opportunity to knock him down. Kalig of the office had a WhatsApp group. It was about work. If a girl writes something, her boss responds badly. You don't understand anything! Sometimes he even used words like flower or idiot! The girl does not answer anything bad. Write sorry or I'll be more careful.

Eventually the girl got a new job. He had to leave the job in a few days. Even if she was about to leave, her boss would write about her in the group. After reading all this, the girl's colleague once told her that now you have to go. Why do you listen now Let him answer by squeezing. If you feel like it, let it take a period or two! It can't hurt you anymore. Listening to Kalig, the girl said, "No, my parents didn't teach me that!" If someone is light then we are not going to be light!

The girl shared an experience with her father. We were traveling by train with the family. A man was sitting badly in the seat in front of us. Just by looking at him, one realizes that this is a rogue man. One time he deliberately bumped into my daddy and then quarreled with himself. You don't know how to sit Do you realize anything? He was just talking. My dad called him sorry. Took on his own feet. At one point, I even had the idea that my dad was a coward. Listening though not a curve. This was on my mind. When our station arrived, I asked Daddy, "Why did you tolerate that?" You needed to fight!

Listening to me, Daddy said, "Son, if we are a man at a lower level, we should not go down to that level!" We have to maintain our pride. Where do we have a long relationship with him? Even at some point in life, such people get lost. We will not be what we are, we will be what we are! It is not a matter of victory or defeat, it is not a matter of who is weak or who is strong, it is a matter of grace, it is a matter of dignity, it is a matter of culture and it is a matter of our understanding! This is what Daddy said made me want to deal with this boss. There are a few days now. If the job changes, then you have to get rid of the panara with it. If I haven't given up my grace so far, why lose my pride now?

We often get the idea to show it after someone's behavior. There is also a class that happens to be like that. We hear in the mouths of many people that we live with the good, but I know that even with the bad, it happens! This is not difficult to do. It is difficult to be good if we are good. The inlays of a young woman were strange-minded. व

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