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 Every man has his own ideas about life. Everyone has a certain mindset. We like certain things.

There are some things we don't like. Do it, don't do it, don't do it to me, we all believe something like this. Everyone has their own logic behind believing this. Likes and dislikes, likes and dislikes alone distinguish one man from another. Everyone has their own unique identity. It can be good or bad, man lives with such an identity. There are some people who are very different from others. There are also some people who do not have a new burden from others. Whoever says what he wants to say, whoever believes what he wants to believe, I will do whatever I like.

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Every man in life sometimes has the question, what should I do now? At some point every man needs guidance. What matters is the level of guidance we receive or from whom we receive guidance. The direction maker should be wise. Our measurement also depends on who we believe. This is the story of a young man. He could not concentrate on exam preparation and reading. He spoke to a friend. Something happens every day when I sit down to read. Either someone comes to meet or the phone rings. The beeper of the message in the phone also keeps ringing. That friend advised. You do a job. Sleeping all day and reading all night! If there is a lot of peace at night then you will be able to concentrate in the study. The young man took this advice. It happened that he fell ill after waking up all night. When one of his elders found out about waking up at night, he said, "What madman gave you such advice?" You agreed to it again. Why didn't he say that he would turn off his phone while studying during the day. If someone talks about meeting, don't say it out of love. You asked the one who advised you to stay up all night, did you stay up all night? Even if he is awake, he has thought about you, will he be able to stay up all night? There are times in life when we feel that the person closest to us is right. That doesn't have to be true. Yes, it is different if it is our parents, teachers, elders or any sensible person. There is a big risk in believing the nonsense.

Whose advice a man takes and whose advice he follows depends on what he thinks. We take the advice of many, but do not follow the advice of all. Why do we do that? What other people say is wise. We compare that to our understanding. We only believe that if it matches. Most of the time, man does not look for advice or guidance, he just needs approval of what he believes. He needs to make sure that what I think is reasonable.

It is also important to understand when to give advice. It is okay to ask for advice and give it. It is not fair that no one asks and we give advice. The only wisdom is to remain silent where your words are not needed. This is the story of a girl. I once told a relative that you should do this. Hearing this, the girl said, "Did I ask you?" He said to his friend, "No, you didn't ask, but it occurred to me that I should say." The girl said, why do you think you should say? Who gave you this right? Do we ever think before we talk or advise anyone that I have a right to say so? Sometimes when a man is older, he assumes that I have the right to give advice.

This is the story of a learned man. Its place in the whole society. Everyone should come for advice. Once a brother came to him for advice before making a decision. The man argued in his own way. The man thought it was true. He wondered why the man in the house was so good at giving such good advice. One of the young men in the family was lying on the road. The brother asked the learned man, “Why don't you give any advice to the young man in your family? The reason, the learned man said, is that he never asks anything. If asked I will give a definite answer. How to believe what is not asked?

No one can persuade those who do not believe. We often say that I am tired of explaining things to him, but where is he to listen to someone? He has to make his own assumptions! If we know that this person is not going to believe what I am saying, then it is our misunderstanding to explain it. We sometimes even say in anger that, if my point is human, respect it, do the rest as you like! Trying to convince some people that we are wasting our energy.

It is not necessary for everyone to believe us. Trying to force our point is also a form of atrocity. Even if someone asks, let us say what we think is right, then leave it to us to believe or not to believe. Even if you don't believe it and your decision is wrong, it is not fair to say that I told you before. Where did you believe Enjoy now! This is the story of a father and son. In one case the father advised the son. The son said in good language, "Dad, I don't think you're right." Should I do what I think is right? Father was sensible. "If you don't like what I'm saying, you should definitely do what you think is right," he said. It is possible that I am also wrong! The son decided in his own way. Son

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