Saturday, December 26, 2020

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 It has been said that life is a combination of good and bad. Comes in Life Good and Bad Package.

We rejoice when things go well. We get sad when something bad, inappropriate or inappropriate happens. Sometimes it happens when we don't pay any attention. There is no way. When we are upset, our elders keep saying that whatever happens, it will happen for the good! Some say that God must have better plans for you. It happens to us, is the dust going to get better? This is all a matter of consolation. All such things are meant to persuade the mind. Sometimes we even have questions against God. I have never hurt anyone in my life. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! This is what happens to me. It also happens when something unexpected happens to me. Am I the only one who meets nature?

"My father was a farmer," said Pankaj Tripathi, an actor who has dominated the film and web series these days. His only dream was to buy a tractor for farming. Hard work, even trying for a loan but they could not buy a tractor. I also regretted that we could not buy a tractor. Dad couldn't buy a tractor so he told me to study now. 

We have no other choice. Become a doctor. He left the village to study and came to Patna. He could not become a doctor but became an actor. Tur followed one instead of the doctor. "If I could have bought a tractor then, I would still be farming today," he said. Sometimes it hurts when nothing happens in life but after a while you realize that what was good did not happen. Pankaj Tripathi quotes a line from Nagarjuna, a poet from Bihar, saying that what happens is good, if not complete work, I bow to him.

Have you heard the story of that king? There was a king. One of his sons once took a horse for a walk. It reached an unfamiliar road and fell into the hands of wild people. The wild people cut off a finger of the king's kunwar's right hand. The king's concubine came home. The king was shocked to see his son's severed finger. At that time the saint whom the king believed came to the house. The saint said that whatever happens will happen for good. When the king heard this, he became angry. You say that my son's finger has been cut off, well done? He said words not to say to the saint. He called the sepoys and told them to finish this in jail. The saint was imprisoned. A few years passed. The king's son was riding his horse again. Even then he lost his way and fell into the hands of the wild people. The wild people needed a man to sacrifice at that time. The chief of the forest said, Sacrifice only the king's son. The ceremony began. As the priest was going to offer the sacrifice, he saw that one of the fingers of the king's son had been cut off. The priest said that a broken body should not be sacrificed. The king's son was set free. He came home and talked to the king. The king immediately remembered the saint. "Everything that happens happens for good," he said. If the finger had not been cut off that day, the son would have been sacrificed today. He called the saint. Saluted and apologized and released.

There has been an event in your life that, when something happened, you were very sad and over time it seemed that what happened was good. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't be able to do what I have now? The reason for saying this right now is that, because of Corona, we all bother someone in some way. Someone's job is gone, someone's business is closed. All the dreams we had are gone. Yes, there is no denying that everyone has a problem. Not every situation is under our control. Ups and downs are a part of life. Now if someone tells us that if what is happening is for good, then we should be angry about it. Of course, whether it is a fact or not, it has the power to sustain what will happen. The whole world is waiting for the liberation from Corona. It remains to be seen when the vaccine will arrive. The fact that there is not much time left now also gives a little hiccup. Don't lose faith even if something unpleasant happens in your life or career, have faith that everything is going to be the same again. Everything will be fine!

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