Friday, December 25, 2020

Standard 6 to 8 Unit Test Question paper Download December 2020

I'm really an idiot! Do I make such a mistake? Sometimes after some talk, some behavior, some event, some bullying, some stupidity or any mistake it happens to us that, I am the number one fool or I am the number one fool. We are angry with ourselves. A sigh goes out, Oh no! What happened to me? Every man considers himself intelligent. We are proud of our intellect, our understanding, our wisdom, our knowledge and ourselves. Should also be. Where is the world to understand those who consider themselves fools? There is also a limit to intelligence. Sometimes it happens to us that my intellect has been killed. We seek the advice of others only when we are not paying attention. Sometimes we are foolish to seek the advice of others. At the same time, I feel that I have not found anyone, so I took his advice! Wisdom is also needed in deciding who to consult. The person we seek advice from must also have such qualifications. We often ask, 'Is this the right advice?' Where does it have its own address? Not everyone has the ability and ability to give advice!

Many people have a habit of giving advice. Some men begin to consider themselves worthy of counsel. It is also a sign of wisdom not to give advice until someone asks for it. It is important to have good counselors for life, but finding the right counselors is difficult. Sometimes when something confuses us, we think, 'Who do I ask to get the right guidance?' Some people are like beacons. It points the way. Some people go the wrong way!

This is the story of a young man. She was confused about making a decision about life. He consulted an elder. The elder guided according to his own intellect. After a while, the young man felt that I was overwhelmed. His regrets did not go away. His friend asked him, "Who advised you to do this?" The young man gave the name of the person he had consulted. The friend said, ‘Well, you are being punished for her mistake!’ The young man said, ‘No, I am not being punished for her mistake, I am being punished for my own mistake that I took the advice of a man like that! He spoke according to his intellect, where did my intellect go to graze that I went to him! '

Sometimes we even get stuck in relationships. Trust someone. We get into someone's talk. We like to have that person in our lives. The man becomes the center point of life. It's not fun without it. Even in her absence, there is a dialogue with her. Not every man is understood in the hour, not known in the hour. Gradually, its texture becomes clearer. This is the story of a girl. She fell in love with a boy. For a while everything went well. Gradually the girl realized that this man was not trustworthy. The girl ended her relationship with him. The boy did not give up even after that. He started threatening me that you must have a relationship with me! The girl said, "At first I thought you were a scoundrel. Now I am convinced that you are worthless. It is in your best interest to stay away from me. The biggest mistake of my life was that I trusted a man like you! 'The pain of being trusted by a rogue or unfaithful is unbearable. Sometimes we feel remorse, sometimes we get angry at ourselves when the person we have understood well, who has given us the right to our feelings, is proved to be unworthy. Did I fail to recognize the man or did I fail?

Many people look like they are, they don't. A young man went to a saint. He asked the saint, ‘Why is the relationship so complicated? Why do relationships hurt so much? ’The saint replied,‘ The reason is that there is no such thing as a man. Relationships also have calculations. The relationship that you build by seeing selfishness or benefit is the only relationship that is difficult! Man is different and looks different. There is no sin like deceiving someone who loves you, trusts you, has faith in you. ’The saint finally said,‘ Robbers are better than cheaters! As it is, it comes in front. Cheaters sometimes become friends, sometimes lovers or sometimes relatives. '

The man is going to be beaten. Sometimes we all have a big or small stumbling block. It makes us angry sometimes at someone, sometimes at ourselves. Of course, even in such cases, it is not reasonable to be angry with oneself. Sometimes a mistake is made, the best way to get rid of the mistake is to correct the mistake as soon as possible and get rid of the mistake. Constantly biting the bug is also a big mistake. Many people even pull their own hair in common mistakes! This is very true of a girl. Once she was working in a laptop. It so happened that for some reason the work she was doing was deleted! As soon as he found out, he slapped his laptop loudly and shouted, "Idiot!" Anne's friend asked, "What happened?" Who’s an idiot? ’The girl said,‘ I’m an idiot, who else? I didn’t realize I was going to save what I was doing! ’His friend said,‘ Now don’t waste so much brainwashing! You'll get the job back in less time than the time and brainwashing to vent your anger on you! ' We are human. Man makes a mistake! We should keep telling ourselves, just relax, let's go!

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