Monday, February 8, 2021

ધોરણ 6 થી 8 સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન નવા પાઠ્યપુસ્તક આધારિત પ્રશ્નો -Mobile Application

 Man has been innovative and inventive by nature since his early stages. Various

requirements gave rise to new devices and technologies. Technology is also man's quest to make work easier. Advancement in technology is useful on the one hand and to some extent its destructive effect on the other. Cybercrime is also a negative aspect of these technological developments. Individuals, organizations and groups are involved in carrying out such criminal activities.Classification of Cybercrimes

Crimes against a person - Sending credit card information, confidential data and spam emails against a person, etc. comes under the category of crime. This crime is mainly committed to earn money.

Crimes against an organization - This crime is committed against a firm, company or organization for gaining unauthorized access to data. This is done to steal important data and employee details of the company or to make money.

Crimes against the government - It is to commit crimes against the nation, by gaining access to national data and records. This crime is of major concern as it relates to the security of the people of the nation.

Effects of cyber crime

Cyber ​​crime has ruined the lives of many people. Those involved in cyber crime are known as 'hackers'.

If we discuss it on a personal level, the people affected by it are still trying to make up for the loss. Some even chose to commit suicide. Loss of money and any data that is confidential makes the person helpless and leaves him in a painful state of life.

At the organization level, stealing company data or destroying the system by malware causes heavy damage and is set by criminals in such a way that it does not work until the criminal's terms and conditions Do not be fulfilled. This causes companies to suffer more losses as their strategies and critical data are stolen and leaked.

Even the government is a victim of this crime. Many confidential data have been leaked as a result of cyber crime at the government level, endangering the sovereignty of the nation. This is a serious issue because it can happen that the lives of the people of the nation are threatened and feared. Losses can also occur at an economic level. Due to these cyber crimes, many millions and crores have been lost from the nation.

The conclusion

Cybercrime is a crime related to the use of the Internet. It is leaked publicly or with some important information on how to make money. Therefore, we should practice some important security measures and security applications to prevent this crime.

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