Sunday, February 7, 2021

પ્રાથમિક શાળાના તમામ સ્ટાફે 100% હાજર. રોટેશન પદ્ધતિ રદ |GR

Our scholars and thinkers have presented different views on the subjects of women.

calculated many types of faults under women. Goswami does not inaugurate a woman's virtuous and bright character, as stated by Tulsidas, but it only highlights the woman's vicious character. Goswami Tulsidas had clearly said that there are always eight demerits in a woman. It is full of courage, agility, falsity, illusion, fear, indiscretion, impurity and harshness. No matter who is a woman -

If Tulsidas had paid attention to that education of Manusmriti, he would not have used such a speech. Manu Maharaj was the true thinker of the world. Therefore, he gave humanity the first importance and place. Seeing the woman sagely, she was recognized as a goddess -

Yatra Narayastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Deityah.That is, where the woman is worshiped,

the gods reside there. Impressed by this, poetess Jaishankar Prasad said-Woman! You are only reverence, trust in the silver jewel pygmal.Piyush shed the source, in the beautiful plane of life.Despite this, injustice and exploitation work continued on the woman, seeing that great nationalist Maithilisharan Gupta said-Abla jeevan hi this story of yours.There is milk and water in the eyes.

What was the reason for neglect of women? In response to this, we can say that we have completely forgotten our scriptures, our culture, civilization etc. and we have worked with blindness. We did not try to recognize the qualities of women. We understood that the woman is a supreme friend and iconography. She is doing true service to her husband like a maid. Like mother, she is the one who gives life, that is to protect. Raman has a wife to do. Is going to work in harmony with religion. Is as forgiving as the earth.

In today's age, no matter how good and elegant a woman is, if she is not educated, then her personality cannot be big, because today's era has left the ancient times far behind. Today, the woman has come out of the walls of veil and shame, she has gone far away from the veil. Therefore, if a woman is not educated in this age of education, then she cannot have any connection with this era. Failure to do so will lead to her being considered insignificant and thus becoming a subject of neglect from society. Therefore, attention is being paid to understanding the acute imperative of educating women today.

The importance of women's education is undeniably valid. It is only acceptable without any argument or discussion, because as a result of women's education it is considered as a man to be respected and respected. It can be argued that in ancient times women were not educated. She used to be proficient in household tasks and was a great husband and great husband. As a result of this ability, she was seen with reverence and belief similar to the Goddess, being distinguished from the society, but we should think that there was no assurance of female education in those times. Then the woman was a male follower. This was her ability, whereas today's woman's qualification is to be educated.

Today's era is an era of full science through the spread of education. Today being uneducated is a great crime. The way women enter any field through education, women are also showing their abilities and talent by entering education in any field of life.

Today, in the educated woman, the power of men and the same amazing intensity of men is seen. When an educated woman comes out of the walls of the house, she is gaining the rights of the society. She appears important and influential in her talent and power. As a result of being educated, women are performing one of the major responsibilities of society, which even men cannot do. The educated woman has made her debut in all areas of the day. She is a great leader, social worker, doctor, director, lawyer, teacher, minister, prime minister, etc., showing her amazing ability by working efficiently in great positions. The important thing is that she shows her talent and shows her courage while facing the difficulties of these posts.

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