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GSSSB હેડ ક્લાર્ક સીધી ભરતી પરીક્ષાની તૈયારી માટે ઉપયોગી વીડિયો | Videos

 Indian Government publishes various recruitment for school teachers consistently. All the
job seekers who are searching for school teacher jobs and other government teaching jobs can visit this page regularly here we regularly publishes teacher vacancy details. Please bookmark this page to get easy access to the online teaching jobs and various other recruitment.

How to Apply For Govt Jobs In Gujarat? To apply for any govt job in Gujarat, you will have to visit official website of the govt institution which is offering job vacancies. You will have to fill online application form and pay application fee online. What are the Posts In Gujarat Govt? There are various posts in Gujarat govt according to different department, Some of them are Police constable, Sub Inspector, Officer, Clerk, Peon, Stenographer etc.

India is one of the oldest countries in the world. The land of India has a distinct sense of coordination. This is the reason why many civilizations and cultures like Arya, Dravid, Saka, Kushan, etc. have merged in the land here. For this reason, adjectives such as "unity in diversity" are used for India. Due to the combined influence of these cultures and the immense wealth of knowledge, India has attained the title of Vishva Guru.

It is the country of India which itroduced the world to the invention like zero, due to which science today reached the heights where today it has been able to step on the moon. It is India that gave the world the knowledge like the Vedas and Upanishads, the texts in which deep inside the mind are the repository of the hidden knowledge and invaluable knowledge of philosophy.

It is a matter of great pride for us that we were born on the earth which has witnessed the child pastimes of Lord Rama and Krishna. One who has seen the might of Arjuna, has seen the devotion of Hanuman, has seen the disinterest of Buddha, has seen the glory of Vivekananda and the amazing knowledge of Swami Dayanand. The importance of this land of India is more than that of heaven. The people of India, born on the same land on which Lord Vishnu incarnated in ten forms, are truly very fortunate.

The country of India is named after Bharat, son of Shakuntala. In ancient times it is also called "Aryavritta" due to the Aryan inhabitants. Later it was also called Hindustan after the name of Indus river flowing in the west.

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