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2018 | Dy So Nayab Mam.Prelim Paper with Answer key

 Relationships are not monotonous. Relationships are colorful. A little pink, a little red, a little white and a little black. By determining what man is like, we add color to our relationship with him. Sometimes a color darkens and sometimes a color fades. The faded color gives a faint reflection of the relationship. Every relationship is lived differently. Someone gives pleasure, someone gives indignation. 

Suffering is a form of empathy. There are also some pains that can be felt. The same velvet that touches the terrace sometimes burns. Some touch, some dialogue, some memories and some proximity become 'frozen'. We must not forget it. We don't even have to let it go bad. We have to save it. ‘Frozen’ relationships sometimes melt and drip from the eyes. Sometimes laughter overflows on the lips. The speed of breathing increases slightly and the heartbeat pulls us past.

There is also a 'hidden folder' in the heart. The folder opens with the password of the memories. Relationships that are kept secret are lived in solitude. A few flowers suddenly open. A little fragrance spreads. How much everything comes together umti. A few words open up. A few meanings shine through. Sometimes living in illusion is also fun. We all live in a few illusions. The illusion creates the illusion. Shows what doesn't happen. What is not spoken is heard. Makes you realize what doesn't exist. Reality then becomes dwarf. It doesn't matter the fact. There is an element beyond truth, untruth or half-truth. It is not seen, it is felt. 

ડાઉનલોડ પેપર 2018 

What is a vacuum? Where does silence have any form? Silence is also sometimes heard. Silences create silent whispers. The emptiness is filled to the brim. A few other folders are automatically created in the Hidden folder. Khamoshi folder, Sannata folder, Suswata folder, Valopat folder and Vivashata folder. I don't feel like opening such a folder, but where is it in our hands? One of the pains of life is that what is in the mind is not in the hand and what is in the hand is not in the mind. I don't like what I like and I don't like what I have. The answer to the question of why it does not happen is not found and questions keep arising against it.

Arranged marriage of a boy. His wife was a software engineer. The husband's laptop had a hidden folder. Husband said, please never open this folder. The wife asked, what is in it? The husband said frankly, "There was a girl I loved." She just considered me a friend. I found out later. I also tried to make him a friend back from my girlfriend. A few remnants of these efforts are in this Hidden Folder. The wife decided that I would never open this folder. Trying to suppress the edge sometimes picks up speed. Not living with wife. The wife opened the folder one day. There was a picture. There were a few pictures. A tear that froze halfway down his cheek. The shape of a picture was not clear, but if you look closely, it looked like a breath. There was a hand saying bye bye, with a few question marks instead of lines. There were a few locks of hair, the shadows of which created darkness. There was a black cloud, which came across the sun. There was a leaf, which hid luck. There was a piece of palate, which was slowly becoming a tissue. There was a sigh, which had not yet fully subsided. The whole story of an unrequited love was unfolding on the screen of the folder.

Happened to wife, opened this folder did it good or bad? He thought, now that it's open, bring me something in it too. A few pictures. He put two lips, which contained laughter. Laying two hands, which were sticking out. Put a few terraces, in which the picture of the husband shone. Complete a few colors in the blank. The music ended in a whisper. Planted affection in silence. Color framed each old photo. Wrote a little below, I am with you, to fill every void of yours, to enlighten our existence, to love you and not to let you miss anything, you are and everything is with me. Open up a little! Never be 'hidden'! The wife did so and left the hidden folder open. The next day the wife saw that everything she had put was on the screen! The current was floating in the wallpaper!

Where can all relationships be revealed? Some have to be kept private. A tease arises in the heart when it has to be kept private in public. One sister later found her brother. The sister took a selfie with the brother. Brother said, please don't upload anywhere or show it to anyone! The sister said, yes I know. I will save. We are very upset. Where is the less throbbing that is also associated with our existence? After having a love marriage against her father's wishes, everyone was told that no one was going to have an affair with her. Dead for all of us. I decided to tell my brother, who gave you the right to kill for all? If you want to kill it for yourself, kill it, I want to keep it alive in me. I have a baby sister. Even though he does not keep the ashes in his hand forever, he remembers the prayers he made for his happiness when he tied the ashes. There is so much that lives in the hearts of all of us that cannot be shown. Sensations of hidden, private, secret, secret and hidden relationships are very different.

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