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GPSC નવી ભરતીની જાહેરાત આવી | રાજ્ય વેરા નિરીક્ષક | STI New Requirements

 There is so much in this world that we believe in without any basis. If one of us has done something bad and something bad happens to him, we say, he is sorry for me. Numerous curses are also found in our scriptures. Sometimes the question arises, will there really be a curse? Anyone feel hi? In the minds of many, we have heard that everything is here. All

that is to be enjoyed is to be enjoyed in this very birth. For one thing, almost everyone agrees that doing good is good and doing bad is bad!

There is a saying among us that Sati does not curse and does not feel the curse of Shankhani. Suppose Sati curses? An incident comes to mind. The reporter interviewed a killer when he was. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in a murder case. When asked about the murder, he put his hand on his throat and said, "I did not commit the murder for which I have been convicted." Then he said that I had killed a man before. His case went to court. I was acquitted. As I was leaving the court, the wife of the man I had killed came to me and said, "I curse you." God will punish you. The first thought that came to my mind when I was convicted of murder was that I felt cursed by that woman.

About 30 booklets were found in a 25-year-old well in Athens. When the experts studied it, it turned out that curses were written in it! There was a belief at the time that when someone dies prematurely, his restless soul carries this curse. The name of the one to be cursed was also written. There were no names of cursers. Most were cursed because of an event caused by business, defeat in a competition, defeat or victory in a case or love. This means that beliefs like cursing, cursing goddess, hi lagvi are not only in our country, there are such beliefs in almost all the countries of the world.

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What is the psychology behind cursing? Well known psychologist Dr. Prashant Bhimani said, "We curse if someone has done something wrong to us and we can't spoil anything." Even after cursing, there is a tendency to take revenge. In the language of psychology, this is called defense mechanism. In this too, if something bad happens to the one who has been cursed, man rationalizes it, that is, he connects it logically. In addition, it is associated with the divine element, so it gets authenticity. Of course, if a man wants the good, the chances of getting good remain. This is because good thoughts make a person positive. He believes that I don't hurt anyone, so I don't hurt myself. Even in such a case a strange situation arises at times. If something goes wrong with a person who does not do wrong, then the question arises, if I have not done anything wrong to anyone, then why did I do wrong? In such a case, people say that they may have done something wrong in the previous life.

Science does not support such a thing, but sometimes it happens in front of our eyes that we start to think something is true. A dog was barking. A man's brain went. He took a stick and started beating the dog. The dog ran. The man ran after her. He was hit while running. Fell loudly. There was a fracture in the leg. What do you call this? We have heard many stories of poetic justice. Is there anything like a curse again? The same question was asked by the famous astrologer Dr. Pankajbhai asked Nagar. "Yes," he said. He even told his personal stories that I have experienced. There are also cases of curses in Mahabharata and Ramayana. Dronacharya cursed Eklavya. Sage Durvasa was known for cursing. Pankajbhai gives new logic. We have the glory of blessing, they say. We also believe that blessings pay off.

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