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PGVCL પ્રોવિઝનલ લિસ્ટ -ડૉક્યુમેન્ટ વેરિફિકેશન | વિદ્યુત સહાયક ભરતી

 Man has a lasting relationship with man. Sometimes we feel lonely. Looks like there's nothing to talk about right now. No man can be alone forever. Some people may not be able to live alone in their own home. Some people are 'man-hungry'. There is also an appetite for contiguity. There is also a thirst for sensation. Such thirst is felt when one's own person is not at home. Thirst is not only for the throat, it is also for the heart. Screaming also has a thirst.

Thirst is quenched when there is no one to shout. Even solitude is sometimes created with one's own person. The loneliness without stars turns into loneliness. It is only when you are there that I feel like I am with you. Lack of star creates emptiness. Peace also feels like a whisper. I don't like anything, I don't like anything, I don't like anything. Everything seems to be moving. The whole house is abuzz with your presence. After the water dries up, the soil is drained. Something similar happens after you leave. Tarwarat changes direction.

When I set foot in the house, it feels as if I have stepped into heaven. This paradise of two or three rooms is ours. I will knock out all the unrest outside the door of the house. I am careful not to let sadness enter. The walls of our house are alive. The walls also die with our laughter. A light shines on the walls. Sometimes it is feared that somewhere Coke will not catch the eye! The fear of happiness also has to be dispelled. It just so happens that this fear is not even at home! Every corner of my house is sacred. I don't want to scare him with fear, sadness, resentment, anger, fights or Ebola. I want everything clean. Clean as your heart, as clean as our mind and as clean as our existence!

પ્રોવિઝનલ લિસ્ટ ડાઉનલોડ 

રિઝલ્ટ જોવા માટે લિંક  

લૉગિન થવાની લિંક  

ઓફિસિયલ વેબસાઇટ લિંક 

Homes are not just cleaned with clothes. Holiness is created by love. Even in a clean house, there is silence. There is as much difference between peace and silence as there is silence. Nothing can be said or something is meant to be said is not silence. The pity of the relationship is that even if there is something to be said, it does not feel like saying. Some homes are bound by rules. If it is stuck, it becomes numb quickly. The rules are prison, not home. Homes are becoming more like prisons when rules are imposed. One who does not feel liberated in his own home can never enjoy a sense of freedom. One girl was always laughing and playing. Always be fun His sister once asked, how can you be so free? The girl said, I have a sky in my house. Where I get to fly. I am allowed to live my way. There seems to be a connection where there is no sky. Lack of sky creates a vacuum. Only if there is a sky, there is space. Do you have a sky in your home? Many homes have skies, but are not allowed to fly. If you tie the legs of a bird, it doesn't matter how big the sky is!

Once a poor child went to the king's palace. He was amazed to see the magnificent palace. It happened to the child that this is a big palace! My house is too small. The child questioned the king. What is the need for such a big palace? Is sleeping in the same room? Listening to the child, the king replied. The king's heart should be vast. This huge palace makes me more comprehensive. Everyone's interest should be in the king's heart. The vastness makes you wider. The child laughed when he heard the king's words. The king asked why he was laughing. "We live in one room," said the child. My father's heart is huge. He wants the best for everyone. Don't think badly of anyone. It teaches me that the heart should be wide, whether the house is small or big, whether it is a hut or a palace, it does not matter. I don't understand whether you are right or my father is right?

The king turned his hand on the child's head and told an experience. The king said, I once went for a walk in the forest. A fakir lived in a hut in the forest. I talked to the fakir. His words reflected his love for the whole world. Her words were wide and wide. His thoughts were even wider than mine. The idea that came to me after that is the answer to your question. Some homes have enlarged walls. When this happens, the whole world becomes our home. Every man in the world becomes a relative. For that one has to reach the level of a saint. The whole world is God's house, isn't it?

It doesn't matter what the home is like. What the house looks like is important. There were two friends. One friend was from the middle class. Another extremely rich. Once the two were talking. "I don't feel like going home," said a middle-class friend. "The same thing happens to me," said the rich friend. The rich friend asked, but why don't you go home? "Everyone in my house is very strange," said the friend. Homelessness is rampant. It is a two-room house. Sounds like a headache in another room. We are two brothers living in the same room. My brother also has a strange mind. Nobody understands anything! The middle-class friend then questioned the rich friend. Why don't you want to go home Your house is magnificent. The rich friend said, yes my house is magnificent. It's a fun bungalow. There are ten rooms. There is a beautiful garden. There is no shortage of Jahojalali! Still don't feel like going home! I will go home and fall all alone. All are confined to their respective rooms. Come home and go straight to his room. No one talks to anyone except work. Men keep the house very clean. Spider webs are never seen anywhere. You know, some nets are invisible! The snare of silence sits down by squeezing Killol's throat. The web of fear is even more dangerous. Don't do that! If a

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