Saturday, March 20, 2021

HTAT બદલીના નિયમો બાબત સરકારનો પરિપત્ર - માર્ચ 2021

 Our relationships reveal our personality. Man's maturity is most affected by his behavior. How do we deal with the events that take place in or around us? What do we think about it? What are we talking about? Every man has his own response to every occasion. Mostly we are biased. We begin to judge the person! We do well sometimes.
Sometimes we get it wrong. It is still understandable if it is wrong and feels wrong, many people feel wrong in conversation. This is the story of a man. Her friend bought the car. He drove to a friend's house. If so, how is this car? That brother was upset! You bought the car and didn't even tell me? I know more than the stars in the car. You should ask! The happiness of a friend buying a car stays on the side.

We sometimes expect that someone close to us will let us know. If we don't report, we get it wrong. We risk relationships in small things. Most relationships end for trivial reasons. Relationships deteriorate when rights are compromised. Some people even make us feel tense. Let him know, if he finds out from outside, he will get upset. Very few people know how to take things the way they should. Some people take everything in the right way. We know it won't go wrong! He is a sensible man!

પરિપત્ર  ડાઉનલોડ કરો 

There were two sisters. One got a new job. He uploaded the status about his new job on social media. After reading this, his friend called. Glad to read that you got a new job. Instead of commenting on social media, I just wanted to congratulate you by phone. Are you happy The friend said yes friend, I am very happy. The two spoke comfortably. Let's go and give your new job party as soon as possible. His friend was going to hang up the phone and his friend said, one minute! I have one thing to say to you. When your phone rang, the first thought that came to my mind was that you would be offended. You will say that I know your movements now from social media! Hearing this, his friend said, I am a friend. Happiness must be in the happiness of a friend! You got the job, I was happy, so I had to call Chaal. Our friendship is not such that it feels bad. Where salt is to be applied, salt should not be applied! The friend said, "I'm glad you didn't feel bad!"

Have you ever felt wronged by someone? There is also the question, for whom does it feel wrong? We are not all wrong, only some people are wrong. The reason is that we have expectations of it. Let me know! Let me know what is going on in her life! A friend felt bad for his friend. He called and said openly, "I feel bad." Hearing this, his friend said, "I like that you feel bad." It made me realize that you are so important in your life. I thought, you don't care! Where are the sincere people like you who can tell me out loud that I feel bad!

Some people just keep it in mind after feeling wrong. If you feel wronged, say so, express yourself. Expectations should also be said sometimes. We are saddened by keeping it in mind. He should have done so, but he didn't? Why don't we think at the time that he did what he did, but what am I doing? What should I do? There were two friends. One friend suddenly lost contact with another friend. No talking or messaging! Another friend found out from the outside that he felt wrong about you! Upon learning this, the friend started thinking. What did he think was wrong with me? I have never done anything like that. He called a friend. The friend said, "Let go, where are you going?" The friend said, OK, but tell me, what do you think is wrong? I have no idea! Come on, whatever it is, I'm sorry, now you get rid of what's on your mind. Eventually, the friend said, you asked everyone when it was time to go out. If I refused once, you wouldn't have asked me to come again! I did not insist. I would have come if I had been told! I thought you wanted to get rid of me. Hearing this, his friend said, man you are amazing! If so, why not? Want to put a little bit wrong in it? I didn't have any such teeth, but I'm sorry if you feel bad. I'll take care of you a second time!

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