Saturday, March 20, 2021

સુરત મહાનરપાલિકામાં ભરતીની જાહેરાત ૨૦૨૧ | Surat Municipal Corporation RECRUITMENT 2021

 What is a man like? How are you and me Some people are very easy. It is immediately understood. Accepted immediately. Some men are very tough. Do not understand the clock. There is no 'guide' available to understand the tough man. It has to be taught to make it solid. Even the toughest people become easier after they get used to it.
From the outside all men are the same. It has two arms, two legs, a head and a torso. Every man is different from the inside. There is something going on inside everyone. It is not seen, it is felt. Realization does not happen like this. Realization has to melt, it has to be immersed. Touch is not just a touch of the finger, it is a touch of the soul. The soul conveys a sense of intimacy.

A man begins to like without a reason. Begins to feel his own. It seems that there is a debt or debt of a god with it. It becomes a part of life. The dictionary of the heart is very potty. A few pages are quick, which will keep us cool for the rest of our lives. There was a girl. He fell in love in his youth. He said, "Where have you been so far?" If this was on earth, why haven't I found it yet? Will the debt bond be opened in a few years? How could anyone be in your thoughts? You are the element of my existence, which gives me essence. Your presence makes me feel sattvic. Everything seems to have changed. Neither have I. You are absorbed in my prayers. I talk to you even when I'm alone. Even if I am silent when I am with you, it seems that the dialogue is going on. Dialogue doesn’t need words every time.

જાહેરાતનું નોટિફિકેશન PDF 

ઓફિસિયલ વેબસાઇટ -સુરત  


This is the story of a husband and wife. The two talk very little even if they are together all day. Intimate love between the two. His love was not in words. Once his friend Kapal came to stay at home. Seeing the couple talking less, he questioned. You talk so little! The friend said, that's right. We speak very little. There is a fun reason behind it. My parents and my wife’s parents are friends. Both our parents are deaf and dumb. We've lived together since we were little. That is why we have come to know the language of silence! The language of empathy transcends words. We understand sign language. Our parents didn't talk, they didn't listen, they just talked! The language of the eyes was fully understood. One incident reminds me. Once my father brought flowers for my mother. My mother's attention was elsewhere. Going very close, he patted his shoulder and gestured that he would look like this. My mother's attention went to the rose in her hand. She didn't say thank you or love you, but I felt the pink touch of rose petals on her cheeks. The pink glow of that cheek was also shining in my father's eyes. From that moment on, I realized that communication needs affection, not words.

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