Thursday, April 22, 2021

ધોરણ 8 વિજ્ઞાન નવનીત | Science Navneet 8

When we talk about technology, technology means that everything that human beings have created to meet their needs can be included in technology. Our purpose here is with the methods of production by which things are made.
Everything we see around us when we look around us is made by technology. At present, new scientific discoveries are being made on a daily basis. New models of TVs, fridges, ACs, mobile phones, computers, motorcycles, cars, etc. are being dumped in the market every day. Just as the market is full of all these things, our home is also full of many of these things. That is why the modern age is called the age of science and technology.Today everyone wants a home with all the material things of the present time. Materials of material comforts like TV, fridge, AC, mobile phone, computer, washing-machine etc. 

have become our need and we cannot even imagine living life without them. We all know how annoying people get if the lights go out in the summer. This is because the cooling water of a fan or AC, fridge or cooler cannot be found without lights, which we are used to now. Human life today cannot be imagined without all these material comforts. In the present times, the latest technology has made man so dependent on himself that he is constantly running to achieve it. Its happiness, peace, contentment, everything seems to have been taken away!In modern times the more technologically viable a country is, the more developed, developing or underdeveloped it is. Or, the more technologically viable a country is, the more developed it is.

 In today's scientific age, wars or battles are not fought with elephants, horses or men, we also have to resort to technology for war. Wars are fought today using tanks, missiles, rockets, fighter jets, helicopters, and so on. Radar is used to prevent aircraft from attacking with bombs, weapons. That is, we rely on brand-new technology for our security. Not only this, with the help of satellite and rockets we also get information about the security of our country against other countries.

Today is the computer age. We do typing, printing everything through computer. We can get information from all over the world through the internet. Technical education is considered more important nowadays. The library is being computerized with the help of software. Various models of laptops and tablets are available in the market. The trend of using things like computer, laptop, internet, projector is increasing in education. Modern instruments are being used for practical in science subjects. Not only are various technologies being used in higher education, computer education is also being introduced in primary education. Large satellites are working for distance education. Our student today has resorted to a simple addition-subtraction calculator.

ધોરણ 8 વિજ્ઞાન નવનીત

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When it comes to trade and industry, machines are used more and more in all aspects of production today. Various technologies are used to determine the size, weight, color, mold, etc. of the item to be produced. Speaking of general business, e-mail business, window-shopping is being used today. Business is conducted through telephone, mobile, internet, which is called e-commerce. As far as banks are concerned, all banks have become computerized, ATM cards are in vogue, and the stock market has become completely computer and internet dependent. Technology is being used today in everything from product manufacturing to marketing. Thus, almost all of our economic activities are based on technology.
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