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Current Affairs 14 to 30 march 2021 by ICE | કરંટ અફેર્સ PDF

 Have you ever seen a man who never needed anyone? Man walks without all but man does not walk without. Relationships and society are living examples of how people are connected. Man can be alone for a few days but he cannot be alone forever. Man constantly needs someone. Have to talk to someone. Someone has to express. Sometimes it takes someone's shoulder to cry.
Wants faces to laugh. Herpes requires applause. Man cannot bear echoes. The man wants feedback. Echoes fall in the same place where the building is empty. Where there are people there are no echoes, there is clamor.Even peace is not tolerated to more than one extent. The importance of peace is because there is unrest everywhere. We keep looking for what we don't have. Think we have no man? Where to go Who to meet Ready to be for whom? It also takes a man to shoot a scene and make an impression. Do we value this man as much as man? Relationships are synonymous with happiness. The virtual world and social media are also a high-tech consequence of relationships. The man does having updated status. 

I did so. I saw this. I felt something like that. What man updates his status if he doesn't get any likes or comments? There is no point in doing anything when no one cares. Relationships without response are becoming tougher. What if there is a big show and no one in the audience? 

Suppose there is an audience, but none of them know? When we go to a reception and no one is known, a person feels completely alone in the midst of all. One cannot dine alone in a hotel or watch a movie alone in a multiplex. Man cannot walk without man. After all, man cannot appreciate man. Man has the greatest longing for man.

When there is no one in the house, the house also runs to eat. A man took his boat out to sea. There was a storm at sea. The boat flew far and wide. A terrible wave came and the boat capsized. The man knew how to swim. Floating, he reached a shore. He knew it was a small island. He went to the island. 

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There was a nice fun palace. The palace had all kinds of facilities. There was no shortage of food and drink. The man was hashed. Freshened up, he went for a walk on the island. It was fun for a while but then he realized that not a single person lives on this island! Man without man is terrified of the day! There is no one here! What to do now? Alone, the man went mad. One night while he was sleeping, he prayed to God that, oh God, at least give me a dream today in which I see a man! Whether it is difficult or impossible to be alone, it is often impossible to decide. In a dream at night he saw a man. As soon as he saw the man, he clung to him. The man pushed her away, and she fell asleep! It made me want to talk to him! The athlete had to quarrel with me! To leave me alone like this?

Does man need man more in happiness or in sorrow? Not only in happiness or sorrow, man needs man in every situation. We are approaching the time of sorrow but what about happiness? Who listens to you in happiness? One daughter fell in love with a young man she loved. The people of the house were offended. Severed ties with daughter. We have no relationship with you now. You in your way, we in our way. Time flies The daughter was Dad's darling. Dad was missing but there was no response from the front. The daughter gave birth to a daughter. I sent the news home but got no reply. The daughter turned five. No fountain of love flowed from the pier. Suddenly the little girl fell ill. Despite much treatment, it could not be saved. The daughter died. The father learns that his daughter's daughter has died. In the end, it didn't work out. The father went to the daughter's house. The dead body of the little baby had fallen. The father said, "Son, I am with you in this hour of your sorrow." Daughter Dhruske Dhruske cried and said that where were you at the time of Dad's happiness? Giving her daughter's dead body in her hand, she said that when I used to call her Nana Nana, she used to say such a nice black word, my eyes would get wet and how happy she would be if she was small. He began to tell his daughter that the ball, the little one was no longer speaking! Look, she doesn't speak today! Why didn't you come while she was speaking? Her eyes used to get wet even when she was speaking and even today her eyes are wet. Dad, if you were then, the daughter would not be able to speak after 5 p.m. The meaning of tears is also different in every moment. If anything goes wrong I sit down. There are many who say that, but when there is no problem, if there is no problem, there is more trouble!

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