Monday, April 26, 2021

બંધારણ અને કાયદો Book (ટૂંકમાં સમજૂતી + વન લાઈનર પ્રશ્નો

Time does not come with a 'tag' that this time is happy or this time is sad. The 'tag' we are putting. What do you do if you have time to upload status? Just pasting a clock symbol does not make time come alive.
Time has to be kept alive. Time is 'live', a live that is always live. The clock is ticking, not the time. Yet many times we feel that time has stopped. Time does not stop, we are stuck.The watch is the invention of man. Time is a gift of nature. The twenty-four hours of the day are fixed so we assume that the day is twenty-four hours. If twelve or sixteen hours had been fixed, the day would have been awkward. The watch man has made for his own convenience. This same man cannot adapt to time! The clock is the same for all. The timing is different for everyone. Time is good for some and bad for others. Some people find it easy, some people find it difficult. If someone feels like dying then like living someone.

A great thing to say for the time being. Waqt ki ek aadat bahut achhi hai, jaisa bhi ho, gujar jata hai! We can't even stop the time we like. We don't even have time to stop. Most of the time what we don’t like is not the time, we have the mindset. Do we let the pain slip with the sliding time? No. We hold on to grief. Many people have become accustomed to being 'poor'. Time will tell, what's wrong with me if you're not cool? I am the time. I have no shape. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I keep going round and round.

I have happiness on one side and sorrow on the other. On the one hand there is joy, on the other hand there is suffering. On one side is laughter, on the other side is crying. I live the way you want me to be. You can also change if the wrong form is adopted. I get hurt when you blame me. If you smile a little now, did anyone stop you? You will be disturbed but no one will stop you. I am your friend, I want to see you happy. Even when you communicate with me, you tell me that time, why don't you treat me well? 

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I feel like saying that wherever I treat you, you treat me! On the contrary, seeing your behavior makes me feel like you are wasting me. I am devoted to you. How to keep me, save or waste me, pamper or harass me, laugh or cry, enjoy or hate… everything is in your hands. Please, don't make me your enemy, because I am no one's enemy. Shake hands with me and let me live, because I am constantly declining. Even though I am infinite, I am determined for all. I'm about to end. I'm going to end with you too. That's why I say live as much as I can!

We know our time, right? There must be time. There is also happiness. We are not. We are absent and assume that nothing is present! Birds are talking, flowers are blooming, butterflies are flying, children are playing, the sky is a unique sight, beauty is scattered, there are few reasons to be happy and have fun. ? We are absent. In sorrow we get so lost that we do not even look at happiness! We just need to change a little bit.

You know i'm fine when i'm fine I enjoy I feel good. Do you have control over your mood? One small thing can make us feel bad. There was a husband and wife. The two love each other very much. My wife always wanted me to be happy when she was with me. Even when her husband was happy, she was afraid that this fun would last. Something happens that soon the husband's brain escapes and the mood worsens. If both of them were talking and if someone called, his wife would immediately be shocked that if such a thing did not happen, it would be better for him to lose his mood! The husband also started shouting on the phone. Even if the worker hit something, it would turn yellow overnight. Don't know anything? No work is done the same way? Wife saying, Just relax. Why do you waste your brain in a mess? The people who get disturbed by small things are the most unfortunate people.

Even if you are perfect, the whole world does not have to be perfect. Not everyone wants to be what you want them to be. No one can make himself happy who does not want to be happy and happy. No one can disturb the man who decides I want to be happy. No one can make you sad if your happiness is in your hands and if you have control over your mood, there is no shortage of those who make the rest sad! Many people are deliberately hurt. He knows that it is very easy to make him sad!

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