Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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 No and wealth are things that seem to be few, no matter how many. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich. Everyone has the right to make money. The only question is how does that money come from?
Right or wrong? There is a dialogue in a film that it is not written on the rupee note whether it is black money or white! This dialogue is very well received by the people. Money is not Khuda but Khuda Ki Kasam is not less than Khuda, the late politician of Chhattisgarh. Dilip Singh Judev was caught speaking like this in a sting operation. Even those who do wrong are looking for reassuring words, examples, parables, statements, poetry, and philosophy. Honest people have their own nail polish honesty, which is probably why they don't have to say or do anything else in defense.

The referendum in Switzerland was very loud. Eighty percent of Swiss people refuse to work for free. What happens to us after reading this? Wow, what a thing, these are called true men. It is because of such people that the country becomes great. Surprisingly, even the corrupt people there talk like that. A corrupt employee once said that the system has become such that we have to do it! We also have to keep many 'happy'!

It is not that we are not honest people. There are many government employees whose chests swell when they listen to them. This is the word of a high official. Absolutely honest, don't even drink anyone's tea. The post is about people making a lot of money. This man does not touch anything. The man said, "A lot of people are telling me that you are really honest. Then I tell them what big raid I am going to make? I do what everyone else should do. Please don't waste it on greatness. 

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Yes, if it happens to you, raise your voice against those who do wrong, there is no point in singing my praises. "I have had another great experience," he said. The same people who praise my honesty in my mouth call me a fool in my absence! Many people are in the distribution of our transfers. This is not to do our wrong thing, he puts his own 'jack' by saying that. The government also gives postings to some high officials in a place where 'such' people keep their jobs in peace, in short, no one is hurt!

Many definitions vary according to convenience, but also bind according to convenience. Culture, traditions, rites and much more are often lost. Nave forgets after putting and often does not find even after searching! In our country, people are obsessed with government jobs only for income below the table. Even a talented person gets cut after getting a government job. If you want to investigate, look for someone who has graduated from a reputed college with a high degree, who has got a government job and someone else who is working in a corporate company. Keep them standing side by side. Will know the difference. In a private company you have to prove yourself every day and with that you also stay updated and up-to-date. It keeps changing your personality. Not all government employees do anything, some will be good, but very few are. New youngsters are thumping when they join government jobs but slowly those people also start flowing according to the flow!

Our country's corruption index is ranked 85th out of 175 countries. The people of our country are not even happy and happy. Our country ranks 117th in the Happiness Index. Where does happiness come from when there is no satisfaction? In our country, on the contrary, the worst situation is of honest people. To be honest here means not to do wrong, not to take bribe but to give bribe. Right now. A young man bought a house. The house had to be registered. Three thousand rupees were added to the charge taken by the advocate. When asked, I found out that this is to be given in the office. When I said that I don't take anyone's money and I don't even want to give it to anyone, the advocate explained that the house has to be documented, right? If we do not give this amount, it will raise a hundred objections. Tingadi will keep. Do you have to take a loan? No loan without documents! Eventually this brother had to study yes! Honest people have such experiences. We can be honest with you there!

How many people refuse to take free money if a referendum like Switzerland takes place here? It is good that such a survey is not conducted here, without any reason, the country's reputation will be tarnished. Nicki Haley, the governor of South Carolina in the US, has just bluntly said that 'contacts' are essential for business in India! They all know that contacts are not made for free. We sometimes wonder what it means to make such a fuss. This means that those who come from number two to number ten are not going to improve, those who are number one, true, honest are to be applauded and told that you are good and be good, the country's honor is due to you. You are, so there is so much hope that one day our country's name will be ahead in the Honesty Index!

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