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 Thoughts are like horses without a bridle. One thought after another and one after another. Not everyone likes to pause the idea. We don't even evaluate ideas. Let the ideas just come. Man has two options. One is to keep drawing according to the idea and the other is to keep drawing the idea. Mostly man is drawn according to ideas. Thoughts reach where they lead. Very few people can control their thoughts. Thoughts must be controlled,

otherwise thoughts take control of us. It is true that life should be allowed to flow but if the direction in which life is flowing is right then we have to keep checking it.If we do not determine the boundaries of thoughts, then thoughts keep running. Have you ever wondered how much you should think for one thing? If a work is done in five minutes, then one should not think for ten minutes. The CEO of a successful company was asked what is the reason for your success? "I have to take some time to make decisions," he said. Not being able to think for more than half an hour for a decision. During this time the pluses and minuses all have to be considered and then a decision has to be made. Once a decision has been made, its implementation can be delayed.

If a man says that he has been thinking about this job for years, let's say he is still thinking about it for years. Make a thoughtful decision and then don't doubt the decision you have made. Put your thoughts behind you to make this decision meaningful. Thoughts have a definite importance in life but remember that nothing is going to happen just by thinking. Another thing to remember is that you have to make your thoughts meaningful. No one else will.

Was a young man. His brain was creative. This young man had wonderful ideas. He used to share his ideas in the company. His other co-workers were quick to take these ideas. A young man succeeds by working hard according to his idea. The company gave him an award. The young man said that the idea was mine. At that time the boss of the company said yes, the idea was yours but what did you do? 

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Just having a good idea is not enough. It should also be worked on. You speak well The work does nothing. It takes a lot of hard work to make an idea a success. There are a lot of people out there who think that this guy is a genius, but they don't do anything. Intelligence is as necessary as passion and hard work.

A philosopher was giving a lecture. His thoughts were supernatural. When he spoke, positivity spread all around. It happens to the listeners that if we just do what this person does, life will go to Sundarbans. After the discourse was over, a man approached the philosopher. "Everything you say is true and good," he said. It also feels like life. The problem is that this cannot happen in real life. The philosopher said that you are very true. You feel noble when I give you an idea. You absorb it but do not nurture it. The idea has to mature. Mark the potter's work. He will take a clay pot and put it on a wheel. Will create a plot. Put the raw pot in the pan for baking. It will work after that. We want the idea to be meaningful immediately! Thoughts don't make sense. Thoughts also have to be baked. Good ideas have to stick. We let the idea escape. It takes hard work to hold on to an idea. So I have to decide what to do. Sadhana is done by sitting but one has to sit to achieve sadhana. Where do we have so much patience?

Nowadays it is the time of instant. Everyone wants everything fast. Downloading the application to mobile is not as easy as getting success. Serve a wish. Strengthen this desire. Work hard to turn desire into achievement. Those who are ahead today have not only reached there, they are behind it. Everyone has luck but one has to try to turn it into reality. Thoughts have to keep drinking hard water every day. Only then do ideas flourish.

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