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કોરોનાના કેસ ઘટતા શાળા-કોલેજ ખોલવા | 04-7-2021

 In Gujarat, where the number of daily corona cases is declining, a decision may be taken soon to open schools and colleges, said Education Minister
Bhupendrasinh Chudasama. He said a decision would be taken in the government's high-level committee and then announced. Schools and colleges are likely to resume after August 15.Administrators threaten to go to court if fees are reducedParents demand a 50 percent waiver on school fees. Against him, the school administrators have threatened the government to go to court.

The government has not yet passed a resolution on fee reduction The government has asked school administrators to reduce fees by 25 per cent, but has not yet made a resolution. Against which the administrators are apologizing for the tax.

Corona has not yet been eradicated from the state. So even though the schools are currently open, the children are not called to school. But online education is being provided. According to the rules of the education department, school hours are kept in the morning till June in the new academic session.

શાળા શરૂ થવા બાબત 

વિગતવાર અહીથી ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

While from July the school time is done all day long. Therefore, school time was made all day in the month of July. But the state’s primary school teachers demanded that students not be called at present. There was a demand among the teachers that the school time should be kept in the morning.

Therefore, the state federation of teachers and the union demanded that the school time be made in the morning in the state education department. Following which the state education department has directed all the district primary education officers and governing officers of the state to keep the time of all primary schools in the state till 31st July, 2021 in the morning keeping in view the provisions of RTE Act-2009.

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