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વાર્ષિક આયોજન 2021-22 ડાઉનલોડ | GCERT

 Man is doing something all day long. Why do people do whatever they want? Every work has a purpose. Nobody does anything to them. We have to get something. We either do something for income,

we do it for happiness, we do it for peace or we do something for fun. There are some things that we do not feel tired after doing, but we feel relaxed. What work do you do that makes you feel good, man? There is a lot of work to be done. Many like to work. Work that pleases brings us closer. I do this work not for anyone, but for myself. I have fun. It doesn't matter if you don't get anything, you get pleasure! Is there any difference between enjoyment and pleasure? Yes, there is a subtle difference between the two. 

Enjoyment mostly comes from outside objects, equipment or events, pleasure comes from inside. Have fun and be happy. Have fun and feel happy. Pleasure is not just about doing something for yourself, it is often about doing something for someone. What makes you happy? There will be something close to your heart, something you will do or something you will want to do. This is the story of a young man. He was studying abroad. Every Sunday evening he would go to the old age home for an hour. Talking to the elders. She was happy to see the joy on the elders' faces. At that time, his friends were busy at a party or any other event.

 When he returned one Sunday night, his friend said, "You're doing a good job." Something should also be done for Nidi People. Hearing this, the young man said, "Excuse me dear, I don't do anything with such generosity." I do it because that time, that work brings me closer. Let me tell you something. Athletes on Sundays when I was in India I lived with my mom-dad for an hour. As a kid, he used to take me for walks. I grew up with them. Than we have fun. After coming abroad, I used to miss that time on Sunday. I was reminded of my time with my mom and dad. I was wondering what to do. Eventually I decided to go to an old age home for an hour.

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વાર્ષિક આયોજન ડાઉનલોડ 

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Among those elders, I see my parents. I can't describe how happy I am. Going out I see a photo of Mommy-Daddy in my mobile. I talk to him on the phone. My eyes fill with tears when an elder does what my parents say. My dad once found out that I was going to a nursing home. "I'm proud of you," he said. We like that you remember us this way. Do you know what he did then? From next Sunday, my parents went to

the orphanage and started playing with the children. The two countries together form a unique phenomenon, the supernatural Milan!It is natural for children to learn something from their parents, but it is rare for parents to learn something from their children. We often do not even appreciate the good work of our children. Once a girl came home with a small bandage on her arm. 

He asked, what happened? The daughter said there was a blood donation camp at the college today. Blood was to be collected for children with thalassemia. I also donated blood, thinking that I should do the same for the sick children. Hearing this, the mother hugged her daughter, hugged her and said that she did a very good job. I am proud of you dear.

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