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That book is called a dictionary in which the words have been arranged in a particular order with or without meaning. In the Vedic period, the name 'Nighantu' was used in place of dictionary.
There is only one Nighantu of that time on which Yasak has written Nirukta. Nighantu is called Vedic dictionary. From the Vedic period till now, many koas were built in India. The construction of dictionary in English started from the second half of the 16th century. Now an independent branch of linguistics has been developed by the name of lexicography.(1) The dictionary of all the words used by any one litterateur in his literature is called Vyavishkosha. Like - Jayasikosha, Keshava-kosha!(2) Book dictionary - The dictionary in which the meaning of the words used in a book is collected.

(3) Visheshkosha - In this, the material related to a subject is arranged in alphabetical order. E.g. Linguistics dictionary, Purankosh etc.A dictionary is a reference book or an online tool containing an alphabetical list of words, along with the information provided for each word. The following types of information usually appear in dictionary entries: Spelling (with marks indicating syllabic sections) Pronunciation Word class (or part of speech) Meaning (or definitions) Etymology (or word history) Usage notes Grammar name and nickname Idiom in which the word usually appears

(4) Encyclopedia - Under this dictionary, concise information is given on all the important branches of knowledge. The English version of the encyclopedia is 'Encyclopedia'. For example, Hindi Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia, Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana etc.(5) Linguistics - The dictionary in which different meanings are given keeping the words, idioms and proverbs of any one language in alphabetical order, they are called language dictionary. Like- Hindi word ocean, Hindi-English dictionary etc.Compared to the best dictionary of any language in the world, 'Bhagwadgomandal' is not inferior. This is not only a dictionary but also an encyclopedia. "Bhagwadgomandal is an invaluable and important encyclopedia.

Is. Born in Dhoraji on October 9, 19, Bhagwat Singhji is not only a prince but has also become invaluable in the social and literary fields. He has played an important role in bringing Gujarati language to the world stage. After twenty-six years of uninterrupted sadhana, Maharaja Bhagwat Singhji discovered the vocabulary of Gujarati language from the corners and created a great encyclopedia "Bhagwadgomandal" similar to Ratnamani in Gujarati language. Even today the literary world respects him as the author of this dictionary.Is. On October 1, he started the formal office of the 'Bhagwadgomandal' dictionary in Gondal, in which he started the dictionary with about twenty thousand words collected by his hard work. He published the first part of 302 pages on August 8, 19 and then every one and a half years. The ninth and final part was published on March 9th.

This book is not only a dictionary but also an encyclopedia. The 40 pages of the nine texts contain about 2,41,8 words, 2,41,8 meanings, and 2,15 idioms. It is incomparable in terms of vocabulary and semantics. In fact, this is the first time that the world has come to know that there are so many words in our Gujarati language. That is why Bhagwadgomandal has been endowed with various adjectives such as 'Gnanavo Shabdasagar of Knowledge', 'Sanskritigranth of Gujarati Language', 'Vishwakosh', 'Asmita of Gujarati Language', 'Collection of All Knowledge' and 'Sea of ​​Prosperity'.

ગુજરાત સરકાર પ્રકાશન : Pages :  525

ગુજરાતી શબ્દકોશ PDF માં 

ડાઉનલોડ PDF બુક લિંક

 Bhagwadgomandal is an excellent encyclopedia that encompasses all aspects of religion, literature, art, commerce, science, social, cultural and way of life. E.g. If we examine the word 'art' in Bhagwadgomandal, we have given various and detailed information about the word 'art' along with its 3 meanings, names of 3 arts, names of 3 arts of sculpture. While the word eye is given in detail in 3 pages. Thus, not only the meaning of any word but also its pronunciation, etymology, grammar, meaning, idiom, example and when needed, pictures, tables, etc. have tried to present the information accurately.

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