Tuesday, October 19, 2021

આદર્શ નિવાસી શાળામાં માધ્યમિક અને ઉ.માધ્યમિકમાં થાશે શિક્ષકોની ભરતી 2021

Aadarsh nivasi school Facilitate students and provide them with incentives to pursue post-primary education. Objective | To provide free education and accommodation facilities to tribal students Getting Started | 13 Partner organization | No one Geographical Territory | 6 schools in 12 districts Expected Beneficiaries | Students studying in standard 9 to 12 Criteria for Admission | For admission in Std. 9, students who have obtained 50% or more marks in primary level and for admission in 11th standard, students who have obtained admission in science subject in New SSC will be given admission on the basis of merit.

The following benefits of the scheme | Accommodation and meals, education, 3 pairs of clothes, daily necessities and utensils will be provided free of cost. Key Achievements | 6 Adarsh ​​Residential Schools have been established and under this scheme 4 students have been admitted in them.The State Government has actively planned for the targeted development of the Scheduled Tribes' residential areas. There are long-term goals for government intervention for the Scheduled Tribes. Ensuring increased access of the tribes to education, health care and income generating matters. And thus improving their standard of living. 

આદર્શ નિવાસી શાળામાં ભરતી બાબત 

પરિપત્ર ઓફિસિયલ PDF 

ઓક્ટોબર 2021 લેટેસ્ટ GR 

The Tribal Development Department (TDD) was formed as a wing of the Department of Social Justice

and Empowerment but is now functioning independently. The functions of the Tribal Development Department include the following: Development of Scheduled Tribes Development of Integrated Tribal Development Sponsorship (ITDP) area. Supervision of Tribal Sub Plan (TSP). To prevent atrocities against Scheduled Tribes. Working on issues related to caste. 

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