Monday, October 18, 2021

ધોરણ 6 થી 8માં શિક્ષકોની થશે ભરતી શિક્ષણમંત્રીશ્રી જીતુભાઈ વાઘાણી

Education Minister Jitu Waghani has vowed that the recruitment will be announced after changing the GR. Waghan has accepted the demand and assured that it can recruit on a large scale in the near future. Jitu Waghan has assured that teachers of social sciences, mathematics and language will be recruited. The state government will recruit education assistants The state government's readiness to recruit en masse TET candidates made representations to the Minister of Education The good news for Tate Pass candidates in Gujarat has come, now the wait for their government job will come to an end as the state's Education Minister Jitu Waghan has taken an important decision regarding the recruitment of teachers. Education Minister Jitu Waghani has assured that there will be a large number of teachers in Std. 6 to 8 in the near future.

.The Department of Education has taken an important decision to immediately fill the vacancies in various cadres in the state, including primary education assistants, secondary and higher secondary education assistants and higher education faculty assistants. Under this decision, recruitment for these posts will be started immediately after Diwali, said the Minister of Education, Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama and the Minister of State for Education, Smt. Vibhavariben Dave. 

શિક્ષકોની ભરતી બાબત ન્યૂઝ

વધુ માહિતી માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો 

The vacancies to be filled in the coming days include recruitment of about 3000 primary education assistants, 4517 secondary and higher secondary education assistants and a total of 1879 vacancies in various

cadres associated with higher education. Thus, with the recruitment of a total of 12, 3 education assistants, teaching assistants and professor assistants in the coming days, the teaching work will get more momentum. Out of the 6000 teaching assistants to be recruited in primary education, the first vacancy in other mediums will be filled.

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