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50 મનમોહક રંગોળી બુક ડાઉનલોડ | Rangoli Book PDF

Rangoli is an ancient cultural tradition and folk art of India.[1] The name and style of Rangoli may vary

from region to region.But there is a substantial similarity in the underlying sentiment and culture behind it. It is this characteristic that gives it variety and also displays its various dimensions. It is generally made with dry and natural colors on auspicious occasions like festivals, fasts, pujas, festive marriages etc. It can have simple geometric shapes or figures of deities. Their purpose is decoration and good luck.These are usually made by the women of the house. 

The themes of these traditional artifacts made on different occasions vary according to the occasion. The traditional colors used for this are ground dry or wet rice, vermilion, roli, turmeric, dry flour and other natural colors, but now chemical colors are also being used in Rangoli. Rangoli is made in the middle or around the boundary of the door, the center of the courtyard and the place designated for the celebration. Sometimes it is also made from flower, wood or any other material like sawdust or rice etc. 

Rangoli Book PDF | Best Rangoli Book PDF.Rangoli is the oldest folk painting in the cultural traditions of India. There are three main forms of this painting – land drawing, mural painting, and painting on paper and cloth. [22] The most popular of these are the land drawings, known as alpana or rangoli. Madhubani in Bihar and Worli in Maharashtra's Thane district are famous for murals. Their composition style and creative material are similar to Rangoli. In this, the walls are decorated with various types of pictures with auspicious symbols on different occasions.

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The third type of painting is done on paper or cloth. In Kumaon it is called Jyunti, in Rajasthan it is called Phad or Padkyen. While the Jyuti depicts the images of the Jiva Matrikas and the deities, the Phad depicts the genealogy of the kings and the folk deities. Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh and Pattachitra of Orissa are also examples of this folk art,  

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