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Current Affairs October 2021 Gujarati PDF | Only Questions


What is Current Affairs? (What Is Current Affairs ?) – Here are some tips to remember current affairs. There are many events that have a political or even a social significance that take place in the present day. These events are collectively called current affairs. Current affairs can be seen from the point of view of the world or from the point of view of a single country. Some events occurring in one country may affect events in other parts of the world. Hence current affairs have an important role. Current affairs are also very dynamic in nature as they are constantly changing. 

Due to this importance and dynamic nature, current affairs is a part which appears in every competitive exam. It is meant to test a student's ability to see what is happening in the world. Tips to Remember Current Affairs (What is Current Affairs?) Even though it is sometimes difficult to remember all the details of current affairs, but you must understand that this section is present in every competitive exam. Here are some tips to remember current affairs. Make a mind map of different sections of current affairs. 

Current Affairs as a subject is very broad and varied. This can include anything from political events to sports to history to the arts and even the economy. Stay up to date with the latest and latest happenings. Make a chronological sequence of events under different headings. Know about the latest bank rates, inflation rates, market conditions and more. Learn about contemporary topics affecting the world in the present day. 

October Current Affairs 

Download PDF File 

Follow up on regular news updates from important organizations like RBI, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of External Affairs, United Nations etc. Lastly, attempt the Current Affairs

Quiz which helps you to improve your skills. What is Current Affairs? Current Affairs is the most important section of the syllabus. It is the best daily newspaper to cover current affairs. The value of current affairs in civil services examinations is very high. This is the most important part of both prelims and mains exam. Aspirants must study deeply to understand the importance of current affairs for Union Public Service Commission.
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