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Board Exam Most Imp પેપર સેટ ધોરણ 10 -12 -આલ્ફા જુનાગઢ

The Secondary School Certificate Examination which is better known as the SSC Board Exam is conducted by various educational boards in India. The Maharashtra State Board, popularly known as the MH Board

conducts this examination for all Std. 10th or SSC Board students around the first week of March every year. It also conducts an additional examination in July for all those students who may have failed to acquire satisfactory marks to successfully pass this examination in their previous attempt. Also Read: Important Tips to get full marks in the Writing Skills section of Board Exams Breaking Misconceptions Most often students tend to undermine the importance of English as a subject during their school and college days. 

This is because there is not much to rote learn or long answers to mug up. However, that doesn’t reduce its importance at all. Instead, English grammar and vocabulary make one of the most scoring sections for the SSC Board examination. And this is what makes learning and practising grammar and vocabulary for your SSC boards a must-try thing. Evaluation of the latest English Board Paper Pattern As per the latest paper pattern, the English question paper will be divided into 80 marks of written exam and 20 marks as orals and internal assessments. Furthermore, the 80 marks paper will be divided into three segments namely; Reading Skills - 40% Vocabulary and writing skills - 25% Grammar - 15% Students will be tested on their caliber, grammar, reading and writing skills. 

This latest change in the pattern has been welcomed with open hands as it unrolls an easier platform for learning and evaluation of a student’s overall skills. Before we move ahead, here's is something to note. Firstly, this blog is going to be a long read. We have divided the topic into grammar and writing skills by dwelling into each separately. What does this blog cover? Topics for SSC English Grammar Few tips surrounding important grammar topics Topics for English Writing Skills Tips on how to attempt each topic (Additional tips are added at selective points that are highlighted in Italics) So brace yourself and to get your queries sorted. Gain insights into how to make your SSC exam preparation advantageous. 

Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future, Continuous Articles - a, an, the Prepositions Formation of Words Types of Voices Question Tags Punctuation Modal Auxiliaries Collocation Formation of Questions Here are a few grammar and punctuation rules that you must adhere to while studying Std. 10th English books: Understand the functions of every single punctuation mark. For instance, the full-stop is used at the end of an Assertive sentence; the question mark comes at the end of a question and commas are used to separate items in a sentence and so on. It is important to know the difference between prepositions and conjunctions.

Imp પેપર સેટ ધોરણ 10 માટે 

PDF-ગુજરાતી મીડિયમ 
PDF-ઇંગ્લિશ મીડિયમ 

Prepositions show the relationship between a noun and a pronoun whereas the conjunctions are usually known to be joining words that join two sentences. Gerunds are verbs in their â form that do the function of a noun whereas Participles are those verbs in their –ing form that function as an adjective. 

ધોરણ 12 પેપર સેટ PDF

Article  will always be applied before a consonant unless it makes a vowel sound, similarly, the article ‘an’ will be used before a vowel unless that vowel makes a consonant sound. Now that we have covered the grammar section, let us move ahead to the writing skills section, 

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