Saturday, December 7, 2019

Hindi Learning outcome std.4 to 8 PDF File download

The notification has been issued by the gpsc for direct recruitment
for the six posts of Police Inspector (Non-Weapons) Class I. A total of three phase recruitment has been planned. The first phase of the first examination is likely to be held on April 7. The result will be held on June 3 and the main examinations will be held on 7 and 8 October. The results will be held in the month of November and the personality test will be held on December 7. The eligibility of the candidates who want to take this exam is at least 5 years of age and a maximum of 3 years and graduate level studies. The selection process for this position is of three stages. The first phase is known as the primary test. This phase consists of a single day test. In which the 5-question question paper is of general practice. For this, 3 hours is given. This phase is only qualifying.The candidate only has to pass it. His score is not counted in the final merit. 
Its importance is as an elimination round. This disqualifies many candidates who do not have sufficient capacity. Candidates with good marks in the primary test will be called for the Physical Ability Test. In which the male candidates have to run 1 meter in 5 minutes and the female candidates have to complete the 5 meter run in 5 minutes 5 seconds. In addition, the height standard is 5 cm for the male candidate and 3 cm for the female candidate. 
                   There are 5 cm for the scheduled tribe's men and 3 cm for the female candidate. In addition, the size of the chest of the male candidate should be 3 cm and it should be at least 3 cm. Weight should be at least 5 kg for men and 5 kg for women. This phase is also qualifying. Candidates who fail are excluded from the competition. Candidates who are successful in the preliminary exam marks and physical ability test are called for 'Main Exam' in the second phase. It has 3 question papers in total. The outline of this exam is as follows. All the question papers in this exam are of descriptive type. In which the candidate has to answer within the specified word limit. 
                    On the basis of the result of the main examination, about three times the total candidates appearing in the advertisement are called for 'personality test' in the final phase. The third stage is the interview. In which the candidate is interviewed by a board of about five members composed of highly experienced officers. Which lasts approximately 3 to 5 minutes. In which the personality of the candidate is a qualification for a government official, it is checked. The interview has 5 marks. The merit is prepared from a total of 3 marks, which are 3 marks of the main exam and 3 marks of the interview. In which the best-performing candidates are selected as government officials. Such a government recruitment exam may seem difficult at first sight, but if you work diligently, no one can stop you from succeeding. If you work hard and well all year long for this recruitment exam at the end of the 7th, celebrate Christmas as a Government Official! Students from totally rural areas, candidates with moderate educational backgrounds, even students from very poor economic conditions, are definitely successful here. So guys, stay away from the mess of the education world and choose a career.
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